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21-24 March 2019
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I confirm that the above information is correct, and that I intend to pay the delegate and school fees for each registered delegate as per this form. I understand that: Late fees apply to all attending schools that have filled out the online registration form before the close of registration on March 21th 2019, but have not submitted their payment in full-- the totality of their delegate fees plus the school fee. A $10 late fee will be imposed for each unpaid delegate in addition to the original delegate fee amount (according to the time of registration). To avoid late fees, be sure that the initial payment is received or postmarked by 21th March. If an entire delegation drops before February 20th 2019, they will be refunded 100% of their payment. If the delegation drops after February 21st, they will only be responsible for half of the original amount due. If a delegation decreases their delegation size after February 21st, the total amount due shall be adjusted accordingly. However, a late drop penalty of $10 per delegate removed shall be charged. If a delegation has not paid any fees and has dropped after 21st February, they are still required to submit half of their payment originally due by the specified deadline. This policy exists to cover the significant costs incurred due to last-minute changes prior to the conference weekend.
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