THRIVE! Southern Lorain County
In an effort to ensure our partner agencies have access to the most current information to make the best decisions about activities in the community, your answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated.
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Community Outcomes
The next 4 questions are required to help track the outcomes of the THRIVE! Collaborative.
On average, how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you consume each day? (A serving can include 1 cup of fruit or vegetables, 2 cups of leafy greens or 8oz of 100% fruit juice) *
During the last 7 days, how many times did you drink beverages containing sugar? (Include sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, sweetened fruit drinks mixed with alcohol, and energy drinks. Do NOT include 100% fruit juice, black coffee, unsweetened tea, or artificially sweetened beverages.) *
On average, how many 8 oz. servings of water do you drink every day? (Include plain water and carbonated water with no sugar added) *
During the last 7 days, how many days did you engage in some type of physical activity for at least 30 minutes? *
Demographic Information
The questions below are not required. However; by providing this information, our partners are better able to analyze all reporting from across the city to ensure we are tailoring our activities correctly and reaching the population we intend to reach.
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