Helpers - Changing Homes

We are on the hunt for participants for Yuka Oyama, international artist in residence at Te Whare Hēra. She is inviting volunteers to help her create 'Helpers – Changing Homes', a new artwork that combines home sculptural objects, performance, and memorabilia jewellery.

For more information on Yuka Oyama please see

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Are you able to commit to approx. 12 hours between November 2017 and January 2018? *
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Are you comfortable with having your personal stories recorded and/or transcribed to help Yuka make her wearable, mask-like sculptures? Your name will be kept confidential. *
Yuka is looking for people who have lived transient lives and migrated to Wellington, New Zealand. In a few sentences please give us an introduction to your migratory story and describe how the things you own have supported you as you have moved through the world, and found yourself here? *
Additional notes
Yuka and the team at Te Whare Hēra will be in touch with next steps on October 31.
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