What is the future of qTranslate-X?
The qTranslate Team wishes to thank you very much for your persistent support and to express warm appreciation to 100K+ active users gathered so far in our community. The Team would really like to continue improving the plugin and designing translation API for WordPress.

Integration method and .json configuration has proven the effectiveness of our approach and may eventually lead us to the finalizing of the plugin as the best multilingual plugin, which accumulates most of the usable features of all existent translating plugins. This would eventually cause qTranslate-X to become a long-awaited native part of WordPress framework (may take a few years more, though).

A number of themes and plugins, compatible with qTranslate-X out of the box, has largely increased during the past year due to improvements made in the plugin. At the same time, the new approach with integration allows plugins and themes to easily adjust their code to accept dynamic multilingual entries. Such adjustment can also be as efficiently done by users, even without modifying the theme code in most of the cases. After we improve the Integration Guide, we expect for a theme or a plugin to start including .json configuration file on a regular basis, similarly to how they include po/mo files now with static translation.

However, there is still quite a lot of code, documentation, and tutorials to be written as well as testing to be performed before this can happen. All this work is impossible to do without raising additional funds. Unfortunately, the donation mechanism we currently have does not bring even nearly enough of what would be required.

With that said, The Team will probably have to start selling license per year of plugin use. We have no plans to convert it to a plain business, we would only like to finish the development to be accepted as a native part of WordPress. This survey is designed to gather your opinion on the details of such a transition.

We also plan to provide sensible discounts for bulk purchases, giving an opportunity for the developers to make some additional income.

Note: This survey is done with the help of Google Forms, which may show standard pieces of text in the language of your browser, while all of what we have typed in goes in English.

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