Improvement Questionnaire
Something I made because.... well, no reason actually- just because.... I want to know you better. In other words, because I'm nosy and everyone knows it anyway. :-)
I also made this because I'd like to know whether 'Wonderland Creek' needs improvement or not. I really want your HONEST opinion!!!
Is your name...
Okay, tell me, what is it? (If you don't want to tell me, write Miss/Mrs/Mr Pimpledomps :-)
Your answer
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Do you live with your family?
How many brothers/sisters do you have?
How did you get to know my blog?
How high would you grade 'Wonderland Creek?'
How could I improve?
Your answer
What do you think of my English?
What's your favourite thing about 'Wonderland Creek?'
Your answer
Be honest- What DON'T you like about 'Wonderland Creek'?
Your answer
Do you like it when I use smileys and such stuff in my blog?
Do you think I change my header too...
What sort of posts of mine do you take most delight in? (You may tick different boxes)
What sort of posts should do more of?
Your answer
Share one of your favourite quotes! (Please)
Your answer
Do I follow your blog?
Do you follow my blog (would you please, if you don't?)
Do you think I post too much?
Do you realise my real last name isn't really Bennet?
Just for fun, guess my middle name :-)
Am I nosy?
Anything else you want to say?
Your answer
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