Junior - October 2020
Juniors - Research Berea College - Due October 31
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Berea College will be joining us for our October Challenge Session. Find out more about this unique school!
Start by going to: berea.edu
Where is Berea College located and approximately how far is this from your home? *
One thing that makes Berea unique is that it makes a "no-tuition promise" to every enrolled student. Talk about what this means. *
Check out the admission requirements for Berea (https://www.berea.edu/admissions/academic-requirements/). In your own words, discuss what it takes to get into this competitive school.
What is the deadline for first-year students to apply? *
What are some of the things Berea looks at when reviewing and considering your application? Can you think of some ways you could make your application stand out? *
Check out the majors at Berea (https://www.berea.edu/admissions/majors-and-minors/). There are information sheets for each one. Click the one you are most interested in and discuss some of the opportunities you would have at this college. *
Check out the Thrive Program and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Choose one of these dimensions to explore further and discuss it below. What are some ways to improve this area of health? (https://www.berea.edu/thrive/) *
Who would be your admissions counselor? Feel free to go ahead and contact her if you are interested in this school! (https://www.berea.edu/admissions/meet-your-counselor/) *
Explore the town of Berea at visitberea.com. Name a few things you might enjoy doing if you attended Berea College (restaurants, shopping, outdoor activities, etc.). *
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