Library Services Access Student Feedback 2019
Please help us improve our services to our Access students for the next academic year. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.
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Have you ever had support with the following? *
Did you use 'Book a Librarian' service support with your studies? *
If you used 'Book a Librarian' services, how would you rate this support?
If you answered yes in using 'Book a Librarian', can you suggest ways to improve this service?
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Did you access any of the Libraries Online Resources? *
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Library Induction
Opening times
Support from library staff
Using 'search for a book'
Finding books on the shelves
Number of books I could borrow
Self service points
Behaviour by others students
Study spaces and areas
Noise in the Library
Quiet study area
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Were you happy with the amount and the range of books available to you for your course? *
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Did you use or book to use any of the following *
Have you used the Libraries Together Passport scheme to access other academic libraries? *
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Were you aware you can get up-to-date information and news from the Library's Facebook account? *
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Were you aware you could get up-to-date information and news from the Library's Twitter account? *
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How important is the Library to your studies at College? *
Overall my experience of the library, the services and its support *
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