Greeting Cards chosen for you by BookPeople's card & gift buyer / resident stationery nerd  🤓             (postage included)
For reasons too boring to explain, it is not possible to list every individual greeting cards on our website, so we've created this online form for you to continue buying cards from us!

HOW IT WORKS: let us know which category of cards you need and how many and we will mail them to you so that you can then write and share with friends. BONUS: We're including first-class postage on every envelope!  We do request a minimum of 3 cards per order, but can accommodate smaller orders if that is all you can swing!

***Please note: at this time we are unable to combine these card orders with book orders or other merchandise, and they are not eligible for curbside or in-store pickup.***

Though our greeting cards are priced in-store for between $3.95 and $8.95/each, as part of this online sale we are charging a flat rate of $6.00 per card, which includes a stamp on each envelope (and accounts for any shipping fees we incur for sending the cards to you).

That's right, for $6.00, you get a pre-stamped, perfectly chosen greeting card mailed directly to you. Easy!

We source our cards from a variety of independent, creative vendors. We haven't been able to place as many orders with these artists as we normally would due to COVID, so it's our hope that we can sell enough cards via this program to merit re-orders with some of our favorite companies. We want to do what we can to support makers and other independent, arts-based businesses during this time.

Now let's get started!
(*pro tip*: the more info you provide, the better & more personal your selection will be 🙂)

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What categories of cards are you buying? *
Pick all the types you're buying; in the next section, you can tell us how many of each you'd like!
How many of each type of card do you want? *
Indicate the letter code for your card (A - Q) & the number you want of that type. For example, if you're ordering 3 birthday cards for adults and 2 thank you cards, you would write "B - 3, E - 2."
Can we include sassy cards (cards with swear words, or making fun of the recipient's age for instance)?
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Re: the sass factor-- if you picked "Maybe" above, let us know which cards can & cannot be sassy (and/or if there are any swear words or topics [like alcohol] that are off limits).
Do you have any favorite card companies or styles that you prefer? (i.e. Emily McDowell, Bald Guy Greetings, Rifle Paper Co., silly animal cards, letterpress, pop culture references, etc.) We cannot guarantee that they will be included in the order but it will help us find the right fit for you.
How do you feel about cards that are blank on the inside?
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Any additional notes, comments, special requests? If you'd like to include any info on who these cards are for (new baby card is for a Star Wars fan, birthday card for my significant other, miss you for a coffee-loving friend, i like unicorns, etc.), now is your chance!
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Have a great day and stay safe!
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