Survey on the use of planning tools for energy stakeholders
This questionnaire was prepared by plan4res H2020 project and its results may be used within this project
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Please provide links to tool(s) webpages (if there are some)
For which uses do you use those tools? Would you use them ? *
What is your most pressing topic or open question if you consider the future European energy system?
Which part of your business may get changed if you consider modelling the future European energy system?
Scope of tool (for those already using a tool)
Geographical focus : EU, country, local (sub-country),...
Technical perimeter
Energy vectors
Assets modelled
Constraints which need to be taken into account for modelling
Examples : technical constraints for generation plants, demand equilibrium, ancillary services, transmission constraints, distribution constraints, emmission constraints, thermal demand constraints (industrial processes, district heating grids,...)....
Are the Optimisation methods already used
Clear selection
What is the level of integration of your(s) model(s)
What plan4res could do for you?
What is missing in the tools you use
What kind of studies you think are necessary for future energy planning ?
plan4res could be used for conducting : System planning exercises, Operational planning exercises cost-benefit analysis for new flexibility sources or emerging technologies, analysing market participant revenues...... Within the project, we plan to conduct at least 3 studies : 1/ Multi-modal European energy concept for achieving COP 21 goal with perfect foresight, considering sector coupling of electricity, gas, heat and transport demand ; 2/ Strategic development of pan-European network without perfect foresight and considering long-term uncertainties ; 3/ Cost of RES integration and impact of climate change for the European Electricity System in a future world with high shares of renewable energy sources. Extensions or one other study could be planned out of the answers of this survey.
Thank you very much for answering this questionnaire
A summary of answers will be available on the plan4res website
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