Grace Counseling and Wellness Presents, "B.E. W.E.L.L.", a Women's Group 
Ready to B.E. W.E.L.L.? 

Ready to have Breakthrough Experiences as you practice Wellness, Empathy, and Love How You’re Living?

Grace Counseling and Wellness, PLLC is offering group support to help you be well no matter the turbulence that comes in life! 

Your responses will be used to determine your interest and need for such a group to support you in your mental health journey. 

By submitting this form, you consent to be contacted for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation by Kelly Goodman of Grace Counseling and Wellness (GCW), as a follow-up to discuss your potential membership in the group. Should you no longer wish to be contacted after submitting this form, please email Kelly Goodman, at 

Application Process: Phone consultation and initial individual counseling session required at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to group cohort start date for group membership consideration.    

2024 Group Cohort Dates: Cohorts may be cancelled due to low applications. No new members may join after designated start dates: 
  1. Cohort 3: Saturday, April 06, 2024 - Saturday, June 22, 2024
  2. Cohort 4: Saturday, September 07, 2024 - Saturday, November 23, 2024
Group Details 

Purpose: To help women join together in healing from family trauma wounds negatively impacting their sense of self-worth and ability to live a life well-lived. 

  1. Understand the holistic traumatic impacts of your family of origin on who you are today
  2. Increase your sense of self-worth
  3. Develop and implement practical tools and strategies to live a life well-lived 

  1. Education about mental health phenomena
  2. Homework (practical tasks between sessions to move you closer to your ideal life)
  3. Bonding activities (sharing stories, role-playing, games, etc.)
  4. Guided mindfulness experiences led by the group leader
  5. Resource sharing (books, articles/blogs, online tools, etc.) 
  1. Orientation to beginning group therapy
  2. Setting the standards for your group therapy experience with other group members and group leader
  3. Trust-building
  4. Collaboration; sharing stories, feedback, and celebration of success; support through challenges and setbacks
  5. Orientation to ending group therapy

Limitations: Group therapy provides many benefits to healing. The power of realizing that others exist who share similar thoughts and feelings is but one of these benefits. While respect and support are expected, group therapy is NOT meant to be a place to develop friendships or romantic relationships. Likewise, the group leader will not communicate with you outside of therapy or initiate contact online or in person should we see each other outside of group therapy sessions. These limitations are protections to your identity and confidentiality. They also protect you by providing accurate expectations for participating in the dynamic group experience. The B.E. W.E.L.L. women's counseling group is a closed group. This means that membership is limited to those who join on the first day of group sessions. No one may join the group after the start date.  

Potential Risks: Risks to participating in group therapy are being exposed to stories that may prompt uncomfortable reactions (emotional, physical, cognitive, behavioral, existential) upon your hearing. To mitigate these potential risks, the group leader, Alysia W. McGlone or other GCW employee, will discuss with you during a phone consultation whether it would be beneficial for you, based on your responses to the answers below, to attend group therapy or if individual therapy will be better suited for your mental health and wellness needs at this time. Should referrals to alternative groups or individual therapy be in your best interest, we will, with your consent, provide referrals to best meet your mental health and wellness needs at this time. 

Limits of Confidentiality: By law, the group leader, Alysia W. McGlone, is bound to protect your personally identifying information and therefore will not disclose your identifying details or information shared in the group outside of the group when your or others' safety is not at risk of being breached. Group members are not bound to this legal requirement. However, it is expected and extremely encouraged to respect the privacy of each and every group member so that sharing and therefore, healing, can occur. Without trust, the group will not flourish. 

Benefits: Additional benefits to the above-mentioned benefit of collective healing are the following:
  • Increased sense of self by supporting others
  • Hope by seeing others succeed in areas you are struggling
  • Sharing information from diverse cultural perspectives and life experiences 
  • Learn effective and healthy ways to interact with others
  • Realize your capacity to create the life you want
  • Release of past and present stressors to live a life well-lived
  • Greater self-understanding

Leader Credentials: Alysia W. McGlone holds credentials as an associate licensed clinical mental health counselor in North Carolina (A15930), NBCC national certified counselor (1428828), and is trained in Trauma-informed Professional Practice. Alysia holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in College Counseling and Student Development, and has four years of experience leading groups through counseling, teaching, and professional workshops. Her work specializes in women's mental health and wellness on topics related to self-worth, identity, purpose, managing relationship conflicts (self, marital, family, friendship), and career development/transitions.    

Member Responsibilities: 
  • Respect the dignity and value added by each member
  • Resolve conflict between members
  • Share space and time to discuss experiences
Leader Responsibilities: 
  • Ensure a safe healing environment for all members, including the emotional and physical safety of members, expelling members from the group if the need arises  
  • Bring hidden conflicts between members to members' attention (not to solve the conflict)
  • Engage members' attention and alertness to group discussion
  • Support members' progression, at their pace, toward comfortability with sharing with the group

Meeting Location: Downtown Greensboro, NC or Online (physical or online address provided to registered participants)
Meeting Time: 10:00-11:30 am (ET)
Meeting Frequency: Weekly, on Saturdays 
Number of Meetings: 12
Number of Members: 4-6

Financial Cost: We accept the following insurance plans:
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Friday Health Plans
  • Cigna
  • Triad HealthCare Network (Focus Plan)
  • Centivo
  • UMR  and United HealthCare/Optum, and more (see below).    
We may file insurance as a courtesy to you. Because coverage varies from plan to plan and policy to policy, please contact your health insurance provider prior to your first appointment to verify your coverageSome questions to ask your insurance company may include:
  • Do I have mental (behavioral) health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and does it apply to Group counseling? 
  • What is my financial (co-payment or co-insurance) responsibility? 
  • How many sessions are covered? 
  • Are online or telehealth group counseling sessions covered? 
  • Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Provider or pre-authorization?

Please let us know if you have insurance other than those listed here. We can provide you with documentation to request reimbursement for Out-of-Network services, if available. Please call your insurance company to verify this benefit. Note: Healthy Blue or other Medicaid plans are not accepted.

If not using insurance, each group session's out-of-pocket rate is $75. 

I look forward to reviewing your application!

Be Well,
Alysia W. McGlone
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Strong scents including but not limited to perfume or 1st, 2nd, or 3rd hand smoking, vaping are encouraged to be used after the end of each group session. This protects the health of group members, and the group leader. It also reduces irritations such as asthma, allergies, or other sensitivities, which allows all of us to be fully present for the therapeutic experience. Group members will be expelled if this rule is not adhered to.

Do you have any concerns about this rule? Please share your thoughts in the space below. If not applicable, write N/A. 
Questions About Your Mental Health and Wellness Experiences
This group is designed to help you heal from family trauma and develop a sense of self-worth that promotes living a life well-lived.

To best support you, the following questions will be asked to get to know your specific mental health and wellness needs and expectations for the group therapy experience.

If at any point, you feel uncomfortable, in any way, when completing this form, STOP immediately. Please use your best judgment to determine if completing this form or attending this type of group will be in your best interest at this time. 
Please describe your experiences growing up in your family household. Discuss things that you saw including but not limited to your relationship(s) with parent(s)/caregiver(s), sibling(s); family rules and expectations; significant life experiences.   *
Are you currently attending or have you ever attended individual sessions for counseling? If yes, please list the dates and purpose(s) of your attendance. Write N/A if not applicable.  *
If you are attending or have attended individual counseling in the past what aspects do/did you find helpful and which are/were not helpful? Write N/A if not applicable.  *
Please describe how you and the family you grew up with interacts together today. *
What do you consider to be the top three stressors in your life? *
What are your goals for group counseling? What would you like to see improve?
Sharing my history with other women in a counseling group seems like it would do more harm than good.  *
If someone talked over me or cut me off while I was speaking during the group, I would most likely say: *
Hearing others share their experiences could give me a different, helpful perspective to solve my problems. Disagree or Agree? *
[Name] shares her experiences about growing up in a traumatic family environment. She shares something that I've already gotten over. My most likely response to her sharing her story would be: *
My top 3 strengths are: *
I will uphold the member responsibilities of this group. 

Member Responsibilities: 

1. Respect the dignity and value added by each member. 

2. Resolve conflict between myself and other members. 

3. Share space and time to discuss experiences.
Group members may not join without first attending the first session. 

Barring this first session, what dates do you anticipate not being in attendance during the 12-week group period for either cohort offered this year?  
What concerns do you have about joining the B.E. W.E.L.L. women's counseling group? Write N/A if not applicable.  *
What else would you like me to know?
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