1-1 Empress Coaching Application
1:1 Coaching Application
You are Magic, Goddess <3
Basics: What is your name & date of birth? *
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What area(s) is most challenging you right now? *
Where in life do you feel constricted?
How is this challenge affecting the rest of your life? Example: goals, relationship, health, career? *
Tell me about your relationship to your body, your sexuality, womb and to food? *
What is your highest self vision that you are ready to embody when we work together? (this is what you would like to UpLevel into through this private coaching journey) *
If we are a match to work together, are you ready for massive UpLevel, deeper embodiment, and more ease and flow in your body, relationships and business? *
This is the most intimate way to work with Allie. Empress Coaching starts at 4 figures, $1888 monthly for 4 months and includes access to all courses by Modern Goddess Lifestyle + a pleasure package with crystal wand and other yoni supports mailed to you. Are you willing to invest into yourself to make this vision a reality? *
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