2020-2021 Robotics Tryout and Application
Welcome to tryouts!

The qualities we look for in our team members are dedication, perseverance, and a good attitude. while having prior experience is a bonus, it is not necessary. Please be genuine in your responses. We aren't looking for "correct" responses and would rather get to understand who you are as a person!

Being a part of the team requires a lot of time commitment.

During the offseason, the team would stay twice a week till 5:30. Then during build season, after winter break, the team would stay till 7 or later Monday - Thursday for a period of about 2 months. Although this is a lot, the schedule is flexible, and we are willing to accommodate individual circumstances.

Additionally, people would be expected to bring food on a rotation schedule during the build season since the working hours are so long. Of course, this year will look different due to remote learning, but a high level of work ethic and dedication will still be required.

The amount of time the team meets may be less, but that means more independent work will be expected from team members. You will also be expected to keep your grades up while you are a part of the team. Members who have failing grades will not be allowed to participate again until their grades are brought back up.

The seniors this year are counting on future team members to join! We are all super excited to have you join the team!


Hannah Liotta and Estrella Popoca
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Why do you want to be on the team? *
Do you have any prior experience in STEM? If yes, please elaborate. *
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The team has 5 departments to tryout for. Here is a brief description of each:
Build - builds the robots frame and mechanisms
Design - creates the design of the robot
Electronics - builds and designs the layout of the electronics board
Programming - writes the code that runs the robot
Marketing - works on promoting the team, outreach opportunities, and audio/visual activities.
Write the 3 departments you would most want to be a part of going from favorite to least favorite. Then fill out the following sections of all the departments you have selected. Do not fill out the sections of the departments you have not selected. *
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