III Points Miami Artist Initiative, in Partnership with ICA Miami
As the world takes a halt, we want to take this time to give back to our Miami artists who continue to drive our scene to new heights. We recognize that many artists and freelancers are experiencing uncertainty at this time, with schools and jobs closing / cutting shifts and hours exponentially.

III Points Miami Artist Initiative will be providing financial assistance to all types of artists who are struggling to make ends meet while facing the challenges of COVID-19. Our grants typically range in amount from approximately $50 - $300.

To qualify for aid from the Miami Artist Initiative, you must meet the following conditions:

• You (or the person for whom you are applying) must be an artist of any discipline / genre in a time of need. Please note that funds are limited. If you are not in need at the moment, we ask that you do not submit and allow others who may be in more need to apply.

• You must have worked as an artist for a minimum of 1 year. Links will be requested for proof.

• You must currently reside in Miami Dade County

Please fill out the application below and submit for consideration.

If you would like to donate to the Miami Artist Initiative, you can do so here:

- III Points Team
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