Denison University Re-Enrollment Inquiry Form
Thank you for your interest in returning to Denison. Non-enrolled students may request a meeting with the Dean of Students to discuss interest in returning to Denison University. Students are invited to complete this form and then contact the Dean of Students Office to arrange a telephone meeting (30 minutes).

Students on medical withdraw must complete the medical return paperwork before July 15 for Fall semester return and December 1 for Spring semester return. The paperwork is available here:
seeking a return from academic suspension must adhere to the deadlines set by the Registrar (typically July 1 and November 1). Students seeking a return from a conduct suspension must adhere to the date listed in the outcome letter. Students on any other voluntary withdraw or administrative withdraw should confer with the Dean of Students. Typically students cannot be reinstated if materials are received after established deadlines.

Students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students well in advance of such deadlines. Housing and course availability may be limited and could impact the student's ability to enroll. Student must be clear of any financial holds and must be able to submit the required enrollment deposit and must make arrangements for bill payment according to established deadlines from Student Accounts. Students who left due to administrative action will need to satisfy requirements for reinstatement prior to re-enrolling (consult Registrar if academic action resulted, Conduct Office if disciplinary action resulted, or the Dean of Students if other administrative action resulted). Students who enrolled as a matriculating student at another institution and/or accepted aid elsewhere may be directed to the Transfer Admissions process after contacting the Dean of Students.

Jennifer Vestal (Acting Dean of Students Oct 18, 2017-December 4, 2017-for Bill Fox)
Dean of Students Office
Denison University
740-587-6765 (phone)
740-562-6318 (fax)
Slayter Union 409

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