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Enroll now for our free Battery Boot Camp. This exciting new course will review the fundamental basics of math, physics and chemistry that is most relevant to electrochemical batteries. MATLAB programming language will be introduced and used to develop numerical algorithms for the simulation of battery-powered systems. Classes will be held from 5:30 - 8:30 pm.
The course is mandatory for all students provisionally admitted to the MSE specialization in Battery Technologies program at SJSU. All other SJSU students (STEM majors) interested in brushing up on the basics of these subjects are welcome to attend.
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Students who have applied to the program, please respond to Question 1. All others skip to Questions 2 - 6.
Q1 - For MSE Battery Technology applicants only. I have applied to the MSE Battery Technologies program and will be attending all 5 class sessions. (Your registration is complete - go to bottom of form and press submit)
Q2 - I will attend June 4 class - Course overview; Introduction to MATLAB and Simulink
Q3 - I will attend June 7 class - Modeling electrical circuits and thermal systems; Developing equivalent circuit models for batteries
Q4 - I will attend June 11 class - Analytical and numerical techniques for solving differential equations; Developing equivalent circuit battery models in MATLAB and Simulink
Q5 - I will attend June 14 class - Fundamentals of REDOX reactions in electrochemical cells; Review of electrochemical processes in batteries (intercalation, diffusion, etc.).
Q6 - I will attend June 18 class - final exam
Thank you for registering for our Battery Boot Camp. Please refer to our website for additional information (
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