Welcome to the 2018 Application for LPC Encounter's Mission Trip.
We are excited you are interested in joining us on this great experience.
This Application may take you about 30mins to 1hr to complete
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June 16 (SATURDAY) - June 24 (SUNDAY)
When is the Trip? June 16-24

Where is the Trip? We will be going to Xocenpich, Yucatan, Mexico we will be staying in a gated complex in a safe and trusted town where LPC has a 75+ year relationship with the community of Xocenpich and the surrounding areas.

Is it safe there? Our first priority on this trip is safety: We would never put anyone anywhere there would be a chance of something happening. If it was unsafe we would not go. The Yucatan is very safe there are many tourist destinations and it is far away from areas of concern. LPC has had a very long relationship with the people of the Yucatan and because of our long and active relationship, we are respected by the people, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they in turn are very concerned with our safety and our experience. Across the street from our gated accommodations in Xocenpich is the Clinica Bethesda a health and surgical care facility and we will be within 1.5 hours from Merida, a large city with a full service hospitals and an international airport (also 2 hours from Cancun.) You'll find Xochenpich on the map near Chichen Itza (Present Day Piste, Yucatan, Mexico).

Who Can Go?: The 2014 Encounter Yucatan Mission Trip is open to all current 8th - 12th graders, college students, and parents. Due to the nature of the trip, space may be limited. Current 9th - 12th graders will have first priority over current 8th graders. Encounter’s Yucatan Trip occurs every 4 years so all current 8th graders will have the opportunity to go when they are seniors. 8th graders are encouraged to fill out the applications and provide a deposit to hold their potential spot.

Will there be Fundraising?: We will raise money together through a variety of fundraising and we hope that money would not be an issue for any student, if it becomes an issue there are scholarships available please talk to Andrew (see below)

Mission Trip Meetings
Pre-trip meetings: We will meet together a number of times between now and the trip to prepare the students to work and live together in a cross-cultural environment. Students MUST commit to these dates; any conflicts should be mentioned on the previous page and will be considered when reviewing the student’s application.

Withdrawal or Removal from team:
If you need to withdrawal from the trip you will be responsible for the remaining balance of your airfare ticket.
If there is someone on the waiting list who desires to take your spot you will be responsible for the airline ticket
name transfer fee. Withdrawal must occur before the purchase of the airfare. If you need to withdraw after the date you are responsible for the remainder of the non-refunded airfare ticket.

The adult leadership team, at their discretion, has the right to remove any student from the team at any time. Reasons for removal include but are not limited to: inappropriate behavior; missing meetings; a rebellious spirit; and so on. If this action takes place after the purchase of the tickets you are still responsible for the non refunded cost of the trip.

Pre-Trip Meetings:
Sunday, January 14 - Parents & Trip Family 6 p (Important Fundraising Meeting)
Sunday, February 25 - Trip Family 6p
Sunday, March 11 - Parents & Trip Family 6p
Sunday, April 8 - Trip Family 6p
Sunday, May 6 - Parents & Trip Family 8p
Sunday June 3 - Parent Only Meeting TBD
Sunday June 10 - Trip Family only Meeting TBD

Fundraising Dates:
Friday, December 8 3:30 - 4:30 Set-up for Preschool Function
Saturday, December 9: Noon Clean-up for Preschool Function
February 10 - Sweethearts Dance Fundraiser (Setup 10 am - 12 pm & 6 - 8:30+)
May 5 - LPC Spring Rummage Sale (May 2,3,4,5 - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Wednesday, May 2: 8:00p Set-Up Tables
Thursday, May 3: 3:30 - 7 pm - LPC Spring Rummage Sale Set-Up & Pick-Up
Friday, May 4: 3:30 - 7 pm - LPC Spring Rummage Sale Set-Up & Pick-Up
Saturday, May 5: 1 - 5 pm - LPC Spring Rummage Sale Clean-Up

Financial Dates:
Total Cost $1200
Tuesday, January 2 (9am) - $100 Deposit (refundable until Jan 17)
Sunday, January 14 - $250 (50% Refundable until March 1)
Sunday, April 15 - $250
Friday, June 1 - Remaining Trip Payment Due
(If you did no fundraising... the final amount would be $600)

I have read all of the paragraph above *
I read it and I didn't just skim it or pretend
I recognize the dates of the Mission Trip are June 16 - June 24 *
Saturday to Sunday
I recognize that the total cost before fundraising is $1200 *
(Price includes Travel Costs, some Food, Logging, Transportation and Mission Project Costs)
If I have any questions I will contact Andrew! *
andrew@lebanonpresbyterian.org or TEXT (513) 275-4860
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