2018-19 Director Submission
Thank you for your interest in directing for our 2018-2019 theater season. Our 70th Season! Please fill out the form below and once completed, please send a copy of your theater (and/or work resume if applicable) to directors@theatretallahassee.org

~ We have perusals of scripts available, please request if you need to view them - brian@theatretallahassee.org

~ If you are submitting for multiple shows, you only have to fill out the "About Me" section on your first submission.

** All Director proposals are due by May 11, 2018 **

The things we ask of all our Directors:

- Have great communication skills
- Be organzied
- Be willing to work in a open creative environment, willing to accept input from other sources
- Always be mindful and respectful of our community based environment
- Know that sometimes the Theatre has to make decisions that affect productions that may not be in line with your vision
- Be a problem solver
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What is your concept for this production? Please describe your vision for this show (mood, setting, tone, costumes, etc...) *
Do you have a concept for the set design (realistic, sparse, alternative, deconstructed, modern, etc...) *
Do you anticipate that your proposed production will have any unique technical demands (elaborate or movable sets, elaborate or difficult costumes, special effects, stage fighting, etc...) *
Please describe the sets and scenes that you anticipate will be required. *
Do you have production staff that have agreed to do this show, if so, who and what positions. (having production staff is not required at this time, however if you have positions filled it's good to know about) *
About You
Why are you interested in directing this particular show? How does your approach to directing suit this particular production? *
If you have directorial experience at Theatre Tallahassee and/or other theaters please list them here. Please include production name, approximate date and location. *
If you have not directed a production before, please list relevant experience both in theater and outside life that you believe will make you a good Director.
Please list any other theatrical experience and training that would be relevant to the production you are applying to direct.
Anything else we should know that will help with our decision making process?
Don't Forget to Email Resume to directors@theatretallahassee.org
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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