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This form will allow you to sign up to volunteer with Watershed Education Network on some of the youth education field trips this spring and summer!

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with WEN's school programming! We reach a wide range of youth through various field trips with local schools. We teach pre-K up through high-school students, with other outings teaching college students and adult groups.

While prior teaching experience is helpful, it is not necessary! We will train you not only in what we are teaching the students, but also in how to best interact with them. Each field trip is led by one or more WEN staff members, with you assisting in whatever capacity you feel comfortable in.

Once you fill out this sign up, we will follow up with an email with additional details.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at deb@montanawatershed.org, or at stephie@montanawatershed.org.
You can also look at our updated website at https://www.montanawatershed.org/

Thank you, we look forward to teaching with you!
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Do you have any medical information that WEN staff should be aware of for your participation in the field? (Ex: bee allergies, food allergies, etc.) This information will be kept confidential, and is only needed to help us keep you safe in the field. *
Field Trips- Description of the class/field trips listed below
Willard Alternative High school School : 18 high school students, (grades 10-12); general river ecology, family science curriculum, and activities testing. Willard is a non-traditional school open to students learning in wide array of activities and their own 'quiet time' - sketching, writing, blogging, and journaling. Field trips are along the Clark Fork river, west of Boone and Crockett. Class is split in two groups to do water monitoring similar to Stream Team with the addition of nature journaling/additional citizen science activities. They will be doing some bug collection and ID in one station and velocity/distance measurements/temperature etc in the other. This class goes out multiple times throughout the spring.

Back country Stream Corps: This is a two week long program in the late summer where 8 high-school students bike and sample large woody debris (LWD). While we have our leaders just about chosen for this field program we are looking for people that might be available during the morning or afternoon to help shuffle lunches and gear in the morning and end of day treats to students.

Backyard/Family Science: Individual families go out to their local river or stream to collect water quality data and observations. This activity if helping us manage the various families, going out into the field with them to show them different techniques, and some work back at the office communicating with them.

Words with Wings: One group of younger students and one group of early teens and per-teens. Meeting at the Clark Fork river to show them bugs, do art activities and they also write poetry about the river. We have the students for a day or two during their week long camp.

Other Programs: A variety of K-12 education activities. Hosting stations such as bug ID, various educational games, art activities, velocity measurements, nature walks, etc.
What is your availability for these upcoming events? (Willard) Tuesdays are in the field, Wednesdays are in the classroom discussing yesterday's results.
Avaliable for part of the time
Not Avaliable
Tuesday April 25th 12-3:30 (Field)
Wednesday April 26th 1-2:30 (Class)
Tuesday May 2nd 12-3:30 (Field)
Wednesday May 3rd 1-2:30 (Class)
Tuesday May 9th 12-3:30 (Field)
Wednesday May 10th 1-2:30 (Class)
Tuesday May 16th 12-3:30 (Field)
Tuesday May 23rd 12-3:30 (Field)
Tuesday May 30th 12-3:30 (Field)
Tuesday June 6th 12-3:30 End presentation and wrap up day.
If you responded above that you are available for part of a field trip, please describe the details of that day's availability. (Please also indicate which day you are talking about).
What is your availability for these upcoming events? (Backcountry Stream Corps)
Avaliable in the Morning 8:30-9:30
Avaliable in the Afternoon (4:30-5:30)
Avaliable to pick up bagged lunches and drop it off at the WEN office the DAY BEFORE the listed date (For use on the selected date)
Not Avaliable
Monday July 24th
Tuesday July 25th
Wednesday July 26th
Thursday July 27th
Tuesday August 1st
Wednesday August 2nd
Thursday August 3rd
Friday August 4th
What is your availability for these upcoming events? (Other Programs)
I am interested!
Depends on the date/time.
Not interested.
Backyard Family Science
Words with Wings (TBD, but likely 1 day between July 10th-14th and one day between July 17th-21st)
Other Programs
Please describe your interest or your answers to your availability for other programs (the question above).
Have you volunteered with WEN before? *
If you have volunteered with us, how many days and in what year(s) did you work with us? What projects/events/activities did you participate with? *
How did you hear about WEN? *
What kinds of activities do you do that keep you interested/curious about creeks and rivers? (Ex: (artwork, poetry, journaling, data collection, photos/video, fishing, birding, hunting, boating, paddling, rafting, tubing, hiking, x-country skiing, etc)
What experience do you have working with youth (what kinds of activities), and what grades/ages have you worked with? *
Your Role on a Field trip!
You would be acting in an assistant or educator role, depending on your comfort level and experienced. We completely train you on what the activities are for the day/class. You would also mostly shadow for your first outing with us, to get a feel for what field trips are like. Field trips are pretty relaxed events, where one of your biggest jobs is actually making sure that the students are staying safe. Activities usually parallel the Stream Team protocols, where students rotate through stations. Bugs and velocity are usually the main events, tailored to the age of the students.

While prior experience is helpful, this is a great way to get experience working with kids of all ages and experience levels. We will train you as we go, and we will make sure you feel prepared for everything we are doing!

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at any point, and we would gladly talk you through things, and answer anything you are wondering about!
What is your comfort level for working with different grades/ages of youth? *
1 (Would not want to work with)
3 (Would work with if needed)
5 (Really enjoy working with)
Pre-K – 2nd grade: (3yrs to 7 yrs old)
3-5th grade: (8yrs -10 yrs old)
6th-8th grade (middle school: 11yrs – 13 yrs old)
9th-12th grade (high school: 14 yrs – 18yrs old)
College Students
Other Adults
What is your general availability? *
1 Not Avaliable
3 Might be avaliable
5 Avaliable
Weekdays 9-noon
Weekdays noon-3:30pm
Weekdays 3-5:30 pm
Weekends 10 am-4 pm
Other weekday times
Other weekend times
Please describe any other availability you might have.
Please make sure to also fill out our general volunteer application. This helps us to know a bit more about you and what programs would be the best fit for you!
Questions, comments, and/or concerns about days/times/details? Please let us know here and we will get back to you!
Thank you for signing up, we look forward to seeing you in the field!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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