Senior Theatre Survey
Thanks for completing this survey of Senior Theatre. The purpose is to determine how participating in Senior Theatre affects your quality of life. We appreciate your help!
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Please complete the response under each statement that you feel is accurate right now.
1a. Have you been a cast member in any other play?
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1b. Have you been a participant in any other drama class?
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1c. How many rehearsals took place between casting and the performance?
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2. By joining with friends and colleagues, I have a great deal of control over the things that happen to me.
3. Working together with friends and colleagues I can solve many of the problems I have.
4. There is little I can do to change many of the important things in my life, even with the help of colleagues and friends.
5. Working together with people close to me I can overcome most of the problems I have.
6. What happens to me in the future mostly depends on my ability to work well with others.
7. I can do just about anything I set my mind to do because I have the support of those close to me.
8. With the help of those close to me I have more control over my life.
9. What happens to me in the future mostly depends on my being supported by friends, family, or colleagues.
10. I can meet my goals by helping others meet their goals.
11. Friends, family and colleagues mainly get in the way of my accomplishing goals.
12. I can do anything I put my mind to.
13. I am satisfied with my accomplishments.
14. Compared to other people, I have done little to be proud of.
Thank you for your help with this important survey!
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