PDT Audition Form
Please read the PCC and YAGP Info Sheets prior to audition.
The PCC Payment Calculator is now available. See Mr. Tony if you would like to itemize the year.
Audition Fee ($15) is non-refundable.
Students auditioning for YAGP team must audition in pointe shoes, if applicable.
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What is the maximum number of dances you wish to participate in? *
Will you accept multiple understudy roles? Note that one is required. *
What style(s) of dance are you interested in competing in? *
Are you willing to participate in a style you have not chosen should PDT faculty recommend it? *
Please list the types and number of dances you are interested in. Note, students must participate in at least one group dance if they are in PCC.
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Are you willing to be on team if you do not get a solo?
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Please list any acro tricks you are able to do (and specify right/left side if applicable).
Scheduling/Conflicts and/or Things Staff Should Know: Please list the dates of any known events you may have during the season or anything pertinent we should know. Please include Summer 2020 through June of 2021. If you know of a conflict (e.g. Nutcracker, Dance Team) but not the exact date/time - please list it and any information you have. As soon as more information becomes available, please let us know right away.
Please list anything else you feel staff should know for company selection:
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