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We are excited about the Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast.  "The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast" aims to be a beacon of support for the Body of Christ by fostering a journey towards breaking the barriers of shame that often obstruct emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Our mission is to conduct interviews and collaborate with respected Therapists, Life Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists, Healthcare Professionals, and individuals who have firsthand testimonies of restoring mental health by integrating their Faith with the expertise gained from Mental Wellness Providers. Through these conversations, we aim to guide individuals towards holistic healing, encouraging the fusion of faith and learned skills for enhanced mental and emotional well-being."

In addition to our podcast, we provide various services, including the Faith and Mental Wellness Directory, as well as the Faith and Mental Wellness Summit. Go HERE to learn more about our resources and don't forget to subscribe, visit, or join our directory!

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