SM AYSO Field Painting

Dear SM AYSO Volunteer –

Thank you for signing up to help with field administration as a first or second volunteer choice.

A Field Painter’s volunteer role can be fulfilled by:

Measuring, laying out and painting ALL of the fields at the beginning of the season – 5 hours/day over the course of 6 days (participating in at least 3 of the 6 days will fulfill your season's volunteer obligation).


By painting one or two fields every week of the season, either on Friday or early Saturday morning before the first game for an hour or two.

Either of these two options fulfills your personal volunteer responsibility to your team.

The Field Measuring, Layout & Initial Painting will occur as follows:
Saturday, September 3 – 8:30AM-10:30AM: Grant & Will Rogers Schools 11AM-1PM: Lincoln Middle School
Sunday, September 4 – 8:30AM-1PM: Los Amigos Park
Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) – 8:30AM-1PM: Marine Park
Thursday, September 8 – 8:30AM-2PM: Clover Extension & Clover Main
Friday, September 9 – 8:30AM-2PM: Clover Main (continued)
Saturday, October 8 - 9AM-1PM: Clover Main for 5v5

Weekly field painting touch-ups will need to begin Saturday, September 10 in advance of the first games.
To be trained for the weekly field painting touch-ups, please attend the Field Painting Training Session at 10AM on Monday, September 5 (Labor Day) at Marine Park.

Please respond by using the form below to let us know how you intend to be involved (even if it’s assuming a different volunteer role).

Thank you for volunteering!

If you have any questions, please email


Vince & Bart
The Field Guys

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