Favorite Bar/Nightclub Survey
Tell us about your favorite BAR/NIGHTCLUB! This survey is open to all adults 18 and over who choose to participate. Results will be charted and published but individual answers remain anonymous and confidential. Some answers are required before form can be submitted, we appreciate any information you are able to provide. If you would like to receive more information about this survey or if you have suggestions for further questions for this survey, please email surveys@TheNightGroup.com. 

The Night Group is a working title of a multimedia membership club surveying local restaurants, bars and other nightlife entertainment venues. This is a beta group mirroring several other groups launching at the same time. It's purpose is to locally survey, target, and promote goods and services specific to nightlife entertainment to it’s members' preferences. We work closely with service industry professionals, service industry establishments and event coordinators to create the most diverse and quality benefits for our members, all the while supporting and promoting our network of venues offering these benefits.

To become a member, promote a venue, or other inquiries, please email info@TheNightGroup.com.
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You do not have to live in the same zip code as your favorite bar/nightclub.
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How many children do you have? *
How do you identify yourself sexually? *
How often do you attend a bar/nightclub? *
Tell us about about your favorite Bar/Nightclub
What is the name and location of your favorite bar/nightclub? *
(i.e. Club Bliss/Los Angelos, CA)
How did you hear about this bar/nightclub?
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How far do you travel to this bar/nightclub?
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  Describe the area in which the bar/nightclub is located?
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Is the bar/nightclub easy to locate?
(i.e. is the general location easy to reach)
Is there convenient parking available near the bar/nightclub?
 Do you have to pay for parking?
If yes, what is the average cost of parking?
Does the bar/nightclub cater to any specific gender or social group(s)?
Does something about the bar/nightclub immediately grab your attention?
(i.e. a sign, special lighting, building structure, proximity to a landmark)
 If yes, please specify
  How many lines of security does the bar/nightclub have?
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What does security check? Select all that apply.
Do you feel safe at the bar/nightclub?
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Do you have a favorite bartender?
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If yes, what is his/her name?
Do you have a favorite drink?
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If yes, what is it?
How expensive are drinks?
What is the Venue's approximate occupancy?
Is the Venue handicap accessible?
How many rooms or areas does the Venue have?
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Is there a patio area?
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Is smoking permitted?
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How many TV monitors does the bar/nightclub have?
Is there Music?
Does the bar/nightclub have dancing?
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What time does the bar/nightclub get busy?
What time does the bar/nightclub close?
What is the average age group that attends this bar/nightclub?
Does the Venue serve food?
If yes how expensive is the food?
In your own words, tell us what makes this bar/nightclub your favorite night spot! *
(i.e. bartenders, DJs, crowd etc)
Tell us about your general Bar/Nightclub preferences
Which atmosphere do you prefer?
Which crowd size do you prefer?
Which types of music do you enjoy hearing while attending bars/nightclubs?
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Do you prefer a bar/nightclub to have multiple rooms, levels, etc.?
If yes, please specify an ideal number of rooms, levels, etc.? (i.e. 2 Levels)
What is an appropriate cover charge when attending a bar/nightclub?
How much alcohol do you consume on an average night at a bar/nightclub?
How much do you spend on alcohol on an average night at a bar/nightclub?
Is live entertainment important to you when attending a Nightclub?
Which conveniences and amenities interest you the most?
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Do you attend special bar/nightclub events such as open mic nights, karaoke, and contests) when possible?
Do you take advantage of special offers and discounts? *
(i.e. free before 10pm or discounts on tickets purchased in advance)
If yes, how do you find out about special offers and discounts at this bar/nightclub?
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In your own words, what is the most important element for you in a bar/nightclub? *
(i.e. bartenders, DJs, crowd etc)
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