Side Conversations API (Early Access Program)
An API for creating and querying side conversations within existing tickets, as well as an incremental export endpoint.
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Is this available to everyone?
This Early Access Program is available for Zendesk Support customers on Professional and Enterprise plans that have the Collaboration add-on.
This being an Early Access Program, are there limitations with the product?
The API will very likely change in future releases. This EAP is for testing and to receive feedback on the design and functionality of the API. All functionality is available except for attaching files to messages.
What is expected of me?
There are a few things we ask:

1. Provide feedback on the API, its design, and documentation
2. Report any bugs
3. Be open to working very closely with us, initially and ongoing through this stage
4. Willingness to get it wrong, in order to make it better. Expect breaking changes.
Ready to take part?
If you already have the Collaboration add-on and are using side conversations, all you have to do is fill in some information and you're ready to go! If you don't yet have the Collaboration add-on, talk to your account executive about trying it out.
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