Youth Rock Camp 2020 Volunteer Application
Thanks for your interest in volunteering for RIOT RI/Girls Rock! Rhode Island's Youth Rock Camp! This summer's TWO camps will be held July 6th-11th at the Rhode Island Philharmonic's Carter Music School in East Providence (for campers ages 10-13) and August 10th-15th at JamStage in Pawtucket (for campers ages 14-18). Volunteers at both camps must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Volunteer job descriptions are available on our website: First, please take a moment to see what job best fits your skills and availability and then fill out this form. After you fill out the form, we will follow up with you about orientation, training, and scheduling a volunteer interview (for new volunteers). Remember that we do require a background check (easy to do!) before participating at camp.

There will be a mandatory volunteer training on in mid-late June for all volunteers -- keep an eye out for dates!
If you have volunteered with us in the past, you don't need to rehash old information, but we still REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need your updated availability and what you are interested in doing at camp! (did we say REALLY?)

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You must be at least 18 years old in order to volunteer at Youth Rock Camp. If you are under 18, please consider applying to be a camper at Session 2 of Youth Rock Camp, for 14-18 year olds!
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Please include a link to your bandcamp/soundcloud/website etc if your music is online. This is totally not a requirement in order to volunteer! This helps us keep up to date on current bands in RI!
Please indicate any dietary restrictions below *
Youth Rock Camp provides a meal at the volunteer training and lunch everyday of camp for our volunteers, interns, and visitors. We will do our best to accommodate dietary needs but if you have severe food allergies we recommend that you bring your own meals to training and camp. Select all that apply:
Specifics about food allergies
Please list all known food allergies that you have and the severity. Ex. if you are allergic to peanuts, do they cause a minor rash or do you need to be in a certified 100% peanut free space? If you don't eat gluten, is it a dietary preference or are you celiac? Can you eat food that was cooked in a kitchen that uses wheat?
Please list any important medical information you would like us to know about
Do you have any medical conditions, non-food allergies, or disabilities that we should know about? If so, please indicate here. All medical information will be kept confidential, and shared only with necessary staff in the event of an emergency. If possible, please include any medications you’re taking.
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