2017 Aircraft Display Registration
Display Guidelines *
All aircraft need to be parked at the airport on the transient line before Saturday July 8th at 7:00am. If aircraft are not in position by 8:00am they may not make it into the show. If you wish to move your aircraft your self you need to be ready to move into place at 7:30am otherwise the airport staff will position the aircraft for you. No aircraft except for emergency response vehicles will be allowed to exit the event before 4:00pm. All aircraft need to be registered and insured. Event photographs, slides or video may be used for promotional purposes. Static aircraft display area will be roped off and periodically monitored by volunteers. If you wish to be present at the event and want to show your aircraft to the public that can also be arranged, please make note at the bottom of this form.
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Please add a business name if the aircraft is owned or managed by a company.
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Additional Notes
Please describe any additional needs you have. For example: If you need additional space for a booth along with your aircraft. If you would like to allow the public to access and sit in your aircraft. If you require emergency departure ability (this is ONLY reserved for emergency response aircraft).
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