Fibershed Affiliate Membership Application
The Fibershed Affiliate Program is a membership program of Fibershed, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Northern California. The Fibershed Affiliate Program is based in an international grassroots network that promotes local community development, including economic and non-economic growth, in the form of building relationships and creating connections. Fibershed Affiliate membership is not a tool for an individual business or personal growth or marketing.

Fibershed Affiliates are grounded in place-based community organizing efforts that work to connect fiber farmers, processors, and artisans. For Fibershed Affiliate members who wish to contribute, Fibershed offers ways to share your stories, and enhance your organizing efforts, through online Webinars, social media, networking, and project feedback.

At the core of a Fibershed Affiliate is a designated strategic geography, identification of one or more Affiliate organizer(s), and thoughtful consideration of the vision and goals for Affiliate activities.
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