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Geek Girls Group
MONDAYS 3:15 to 5pm(ish)To all girls out there, this is a new group at QRL. It's meant to be an exploration space for anything geekie and tech! We might look into game development, graphic design, music making, video making, coding or even wildly creative mechanical projects. It can range from simple to very complex, and we'll figure it out on the way. The weirder, the better - as long as fun is a thing! Facilitated by Verena Pschorn. This group starts in the 3rd week (Monday 15th)
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Science and Tech Group
TUESDAY 3:15 to 5pm(ish) This group is all about looking at the world with our sciencey brains turned on. We dig into anything that seems interesting and attempt experiments or challenges. Things sometimes go as we expect and sometimes not (but we like that too). Every term is a different topic and by popular vote - this term will be Electricity. It might be shocking, who knows.Facilitated by Kevin Waugh. This group starts in the 2rd week (Tuesday 9th)
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Coding and robotics
THURSDAY 3:15 to 5pm(ish) Before you can create your own AI overlord, make a billion dollars with your game, or construct your mind-controlled robot, you need to play with code. This group is for doing just that with friends. Our older members help out and we also teach each other. Facilitated by Kevin Waugh and the senior QRL members. This group starts in the 2rd week (Thursday 11th)
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Questionable Projects
THURSDAY 5pm(ish) to 8:30pm This is teens only (13+) and it is our time for ANY project. Any. It could be coding, making, designing, whatever. Really. If you are into something, be into it with others. This is a social, clever, weird, play time. We have a shared unhealthy dinner, so bring $10 (it is usually between $5 and $8). Now we have a kitchen we might have a go at cooking a few. I am open to ideas.Facilitated by Sheldon White and Kevin Waugh. This group starts this week (Thursday 4th)
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