App Fairy Survey
Please answer the questions below. I will mail packages of super cute app swag to every respondent on this survey for as long as my supplies hold out -- just be sure to include your name and mailing address at the bottom of this form if you want to get stuff. Feel free to leave comments anonymously if you prefer (and don't care about getting the package of swag). Your feedback is VERY valuable to us as we discuss whether or not to continue this project. Thank you!
I listened to the App Fairy Podcast because I am a: (choose all that apply) *
How did you hear about the App Fairy Podcast?
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My understanding of Joint Media Engagement (JME) was increased by listening to the App Fairy Podcast. *
I found some new favorite apps by listening to the App Fairy Podcast.
What part(s) of the App Fairy podcast did you find to be MOST useful? (check all that apply)
Has the App Fairy Podcast changed your attitude or your actions in regards to apps? If so, how?
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I feel more confident about choosing and using apps in general after listening to the App Fairy Podcast.
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I feel much more confident
What changes would you like to see in the App Fairy Podcast if it continues?
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Librarians / Teachers only: How has this podcast changed how you talk to parents and/or children about apps?
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Any other comments?
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