MRDWC 2020 - Medic Application
Welcome to the application to the Medics for the 2020 Men's Roller Derby World Cup in St Louis, Missouri, USA to be held 9-12 July, 2020

Medical professionals are a CRUCIAL part of our team. Safety is absolutely our #1 priority and our medics are the golden key to providing it. In the event of on site injury, our medics provide emergency medical intervention and activate the local EMS services where needed.

There will be 2 tracks with 2 medics staffed on each through multiple shifts each day.
If you'd like to be a part of the team, please fill in your details below.

Any questions or concerns, please email Evee at:
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Name: Chris Evrard *
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City (& State if in US) and Country of residence: St Louis, MO, USA *
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