2019 Yearbook Staff Application
Please complete the application by March 2, 2019
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Yearbook Staff Information
As a yearbook staff member you will:
-Work as an individual on a team to complete all sections of the yearbook
-Write articles, picture captions, and take photos for yearbook. This will require meeting with advisors, coaches, and students to get background information.
-Work with community members and parents to sell business ads to the community
-Meet deadlines and be responsible for completing your pages; designing layouts, proofing, editing, etc.
-Come to class prepared to work
-Time outside of class is needed to take pictures and at times complete assignments when a deadline is near
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If you do not drive, will you be able to secure a ride to after school events?
Are you willing to work after school and on weekends to meet yearbook deadlines? *
Some of the duties of the staff include selling ads to businesses, talking to teachers/coaches, and asking questions/interviewing. This requires being somewhat comfortable talking to people you do not know. Will you be able to perform these duties? *
Are you willing to attend a summer camp to learn more about the yearbook and develop the yearbook theme?
What strengths do you possess that would make you an asset to the yearbook staff? *
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Please list two teachers that you would ask to complete a recommendation for you. I will send them a recommendation form. *
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Type a one to two paragraph response to the following question. What can you contribute to the yearbook staff? *
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