Outdoor Maths Kit Feedback
The Science Skills Academy and Maths Week Scotland have sent your School an Outdoor Maths Kit, provided 17 downloadable activities (https://bit.ly/OutdoorMathsSecondLevel) and online CPD (https://bit.ly/OutdoorMathsCPD).

We are keen to find out whether these resources were useful, how you used them and how we could improve.

Note: The data provided will be stored by the Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Maths Week Scotland (operated by the National Museums Scotland). Summary data will be published online.
School name
Estimate the number of young people that took part in the Outdoor Maths Activities provided, the week before, during, or after Maths Week Scotland (28 Sept - 4 Oct 2020)
Estimate the number of young people that will take part in using the Outdoor Maths Activities provided, on an ongoing basis
Please rate the following:
Extremely useful
Not sure / did not use
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The 17 Outdoor Maths Activities
The Outdoor Maths Kit
Online CPD session
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What changes would you make to improve these resources?
Please tell us about your experience. We'd love to hear which activities you used, why, with what age groups and what worked well for you.
If we created a STEM Activity Pack for Second-level would you use it? (Select 'other' if you have any comments on factors that would influence whether you may or may not use a STEM kit)
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