MIT: Stop the Deportation of Francisco Rodriguez Guardado!

Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado has been a janitor at MIT for over five years. Mr. Rodriguez is a father of two U.S. citizen children. He and his wife have a baby on the way, and their family are beloved members of the community of Chelsea.

Mr. Rodriguez has lived in the U.S. since 2006. He has lived in the greater Boston area for 10 years, specifically in Chelsea for the last 6 years. He is the father of two American citizen children, 10 year old Mellanie and a 5 year old Jessica, and a baby on the way. In addition, he runs his own carpet cleaning company. He is a member of his children’s school parent committee, of the community organization Chelsea Collaborative, of the Church Tabernaculo biblico seguidores de Jesus, and a union member of 32BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) at MIT. Mr. Rodriguez has no criminal record, pays his taxes, and contributes to his community, church, children’s school and workplace.

When Mr. Rodriguez arrived to the country, he applied for asylum in 2007. He was denied asylum in December of 2009, and his appeal was denied in July of 2011. He was later granted prosecutorial discretion and has received a Stay of Removal every year since that time.

However this past month, when Francisco applied for a Stay, it was denied. If US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) grants Mr. Rodriguez a Stay of Removal, he can continue to work, take care of his family, and contribute to our community. In addition, next year Mr. Rodriguez’s mother, who is a legal permanent resident, will become a citizen. Soon afterwards, a pathway to residency will open for Francisco when his mother files a petition on his behalf.

It is the duty of the MIT community to support Mr. Rodriguez and his family in the face of this danger, so that he can take care of his family, ​particularly his U.S. citizen young children and elderly legal permanent resident mother​, ​while he waits for his pathway to residency and citizenship to open. By signing this petition we, the undersigned individuals and groups, indicate our support for the petition currently being circulated on the Mijente action network, asking ICE to grant Mr. Rodriguez a Stay of Removal, the link to which may be found here: <>.

Furthermore, letters of support from influential members of the MIT community will demonstrate to ICE that Mr. Rodriguez is a valued member of the community who must be allowed to remain in this country. Therefore we, the undersigned, call for the following leading members of the MIT community to write letters addressed to ICE in support of Mr. Rodriguez:

Rafael Reif, President
Martin Schmidt, Provost
Philip Khoury, Associate Provost
Karen Gleason, Associate Provost
Richard Lester, Associate Provost for International Activities, chair of International Advisory Committee
Melissa Nobles, Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Agustin Rayo, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Ian Waitz, Dean of the School of Engineering
Michael Sipser, Dean of the School of Science
Andrea Campbell, Political Science Department Head
Claude Canizares, Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

The organizations supporting Mr. Rodriguez Guardado have asked these letters be written by June 5, 2017.

Please contact the MIT Student Activist Coalition at with any further questions about the mobilization in support of Mr. Rodriguez.

Note that we update the petition with signatures manually, so your name may not appear immediately after filling out the form.

Name (Affiliation to MIT (e.g. student, faculty, staff))
Lev kendrick (Student)
Husayn Karimi (Student)
Maddie Cusimano (Student)
Luke Hewitt (Student)
Dang Pham (Student)
Janaya Shelly (Student)
Monica Pham (Student)
Raivo Andrian (Student)
Jingyu Li (Student)
Alexandra Stanton (Student)
Soungsothira Toch (Student)
Long Nguyen (Student)
Zachery Miranda (Student)
Linda Gong (Student)
Michelle Xie (Student)
Tugbayasgalan Manlaibaatar (Student)
David Olaleye (Student)
Eric Lujan (Student)
Kevin Briseno (Student)
Kyle saleeby (Student)
Emily (Student)
Jessy Lin (Student)
Jesus Herrera (Student)
Lucero Gutierrez (student)
Connor Duffy (Student)
Alexander Mok (Student)
Nikita Kodali (student )
Claire Simpson (student)
Nolan Concannon (Student)
Robert Thorpe II (Student)
Alonso Espinosa Dominguez (Student)
Jessica Zhu (Student)
Miguel Aguilar (Student)
Tchelet Segev (Student)
Rami Manna (Student)
Mae Fuchs (Former student)
Brandon Aranda (Student)
Alex Chen (Student)
Ethan Munden (Student)
Mario Lopez (Student)
Gabriela Cazares (student)
Eric Ponce (Student)
Tossaporn Saengja (Student)
Alap Sahoo (Student)
Max Beeman (Student)
Caroline Lang (Student )
Eurah Ko (Alumna)
Meital Hoffman (Student)
Kristen Young (Student)
Allan Ko (Student)
Edith Chavez (Undergraduate)
Sean Ko (Student)
Emma Rutkowski (Student)
Erica Liu (Student)
Emily McDermott (Student)
Mario Contreras (Student)
Diana Nguyen (Student)
Alex Canepa (Student)
Shannon Peng (Student)
Ross Clarke (Student)
Eric (Student)
Caitlin (Alumni ('16))
Maedeh Marzoughi (Student)
Jamarber Bakalli (Student)
Angela Chang (visitng scholar and alumni)
Angela Cai (Student)
Rona Wang (Student)
Elizabeth Truchan (Student)
Tristan Honscheid (Student)
Dou Dou (Student)
Dylan Carranza (Student)
Alejandro Gonzalez (Student)
Navil Perez (Student)
Carlos Henriquez (Student)
Justin Xiao (Student)
Alberto Flores (Student)
Janny Cai (Student)
James Hobin (Student)
Billy Torres (Student)
Edward Johnson (Student)
Sonia Serrano Lorenzo (Student)
Natasha Consul (Student)
Fabrice Fils-Aime (Student)
Lantian Chen (Student)
Magnus Johnson (Student)
Jeanie Pearson (Student)
Michelle Xu (Student)
Elyse Paneral (Student)
Jacob Gunter (Alum ('17))
Milo Knowles (Student)
Milo Knowles (Student)
Priya Kikani (Student)
Alexander Clifton (Student)
Thanh Nguyen (Student)
Yonah Borns-Weil (Student)
Brandon Fountain (Student)
megan fu (Student)
Mary Spanjers (Student)
Lucy Yang (Student)
Kevin Leonardo (Student)
Silvia Vazquez (Student)
Christopher Harmon (Student)
Richard Watts (Student)
Shiloh Curtis (Student)
Melissa Meloche (Student)
Michelle Huang (student)
Sebastian Garza (Student)
Chris Xue (Student)
Istvan Chung (Student)
Deniz Oktay (Student)
Solan Megerssa (Student)
Nayoung Lee (student)
Connie Siu (Student)
Marco Rivera (Student)
Adis Ojeda (Student)
Yevhenii Diomidov (Student)
Carissa Skye (Student)
Adrian Meza (Student)
Kebar M Geleta (Student)
Remi Godinez (Student)
tserenchimeg (Student)
Yhiedania Santiago (Student)
Lydia Sun (Student)
Janice Shiu (Student)
Brian Chen (Student)
Brandon Epstein (Student)
Erika Arias (Student)
Kimberly Toy (Alumni)
Gabriel Ginorio (Student)
Jonathan Sampson (Student)
Janille Maragh (Student)
Kostas Moustaklem (Student)
Emilio González-Cervantes (alumnus (SB, 2014))
Suhas Vijaykumar (PhD candidate in economics )
Andy Wang (Student)
Richard Yi (Student)
Eduardo Orozco (Student)
Wei Low (Student)
Reese Caliman (Student)
Temi Taylor (Student)
Tammy Wu (Student)
Grace Kuffner (Student)
Daniel Whatley (Student)
Israel Sosa (Student)
Sanja Simonovikj (Student)
Michelle Goffreda (Student)
Nathan J Hernandez (Student)
Sergio Dominguez (Student)
Dimitri Tskhovrebadze (Student)
Emanuel Perez (Student)
Connie Chan (Alumna)
Husayn Karimi (Student)
Malcolm Wetzstein (Student)
Aishwarya Narayan (Alumni)
Cindy Shi (Student)
Katherine Silva (Student)
Flora Su (Student)
Duncan Wheeler (Student)
Cristina Mata (Student)
Natalie Nicolas (Student)
Daniela Ganelin (Student)
Marian Heman-Ackah (Alum)
Kristie Lino (Student)
Deon Jordan Richmond (Student)
Kimberly Katz (Student)
Meghan Cum (Student)
Stephon Henry-Rerrie (Student)
Maialen (Partner)
Samantha Fletcher (Student)
Phoebe (Student)
Isabella Gomez (Student)
Madeline Pelz (Student)
Sherry Zhou (Student)
Sydney LaPorte (Student)
Karen Guadalupe Cruz (Student)
Elise (Student)
Alyssa Boros (Alumni)
Gwen Edgar (Student)
Aasavari Phanse (Student)
Tina Pavlovich (Student)
Claire Nord (Student )
Jayson Lynch (Student)
Irena Martinez (Student)
Erica Zhou (Student)
Camila Chile (Alumni)
Faith Huynh (Student)
Rachel Nations (Student)
Gloria Chyr (Student)
Lisa Horowitz (Staff)
Aron Ricardo Perez-Lopez (Student)
Vivian Hu (Student)
Debra (Staff)
Emily Crawford (Staff)
Emma Christie (Alumni)
Julia Lanigan (Staff)
Margaret Tian (Student)
Madhurima Das (Student)
Theresa A Tobin (Staff, Retired)
David Rich (Student)
Sebastian Quilter (Student)
Gianna Garza (Student )
Ben Myers (Student)
Alena McNamara (Staff)
Jeremiah Graves (Staff)
Nick Hoffman (Student)
Shayna Zoë Redstone-Rothstein (Student)
Nancy Wang (Student)
Alice Zhan (Student)
Kelsey Chan (Student)
Beth Brennan (Staff and alumni)
Cydney Wong (Student)
Sofie Ayala (Student)
Julia Hopkins (Student)
Alexis Drake (Student )
Moin Nadeem (Student)
Michael Z Sun (Student)
Mideum Park (Student)
Juan Sebastian Esquivel (Student)
Nancy Ouyang (Alumni)
Lily Jordan (Student)
Natasha Joglekar (Student)
Cheetiri Smith (Alumni)
Carol L. Frederick (Retired staff)
Carlos Sendao (Student)
Matt Farejowicz (Student)
Ganatra, Mathew (Student)
Christopher Krause (Student)
Abby Harvey (Student)
Jacqueline Shen (Student)
Amy Chase (Staff)
Christina (Staff)
Isaac Metcalf (Student)
Philip Arevalo (Student)
Shohini Stout (Student)
dianne rhee (Staff)
Nina Davis-Millis (Staff)
Anne Graham (Staff)
Matisse Peppet (Student)
Suchan Vivatsethachai (Student)
Abishkar Chhetri (student)
Holly Haney (Student)
Matt Putnam (Alumni)
Miguel Rodriguez (Student)
Abhiti Vaish (Student)
Archana Ram (Student)
Chris O'Brien (Student)
Sarah Hua (Student)
Alli Gofman (Staff)
Taylor Safrit (Student)
Kat Adams (Student)
Juliet Stanton (Student)
Suzanne Wallen (Staff)
Frances Botsford (Staff)
Rod Bayliss (Student)
Luzdary Ruelas (Student)
Ruth Brillman (Student)
Andras Kiss (Student)
Rose Robb (Student)
Faaya Abate (Student)
Ann Chen (Student)
Athulya Aravind (Student)
Ben Eck (Alum)
Chittampalli Yashaswini (Student)
Aditya Gopalan (Student)
Clementine Mitchell (Student)
Emma Turtelboom (Student)
Erica Flear (Student)
Kayode Ezike (Student)
Chris Donnelly (Staff)
Erika Mynio (Student)
Fiona Grant (Student)
Danielsheen (Student)
Danny Gelman (Student)
Samantha Harper (Student)
Allan Gelman (Student)
Caroline Mak (Student)
Chris Peterson (Staff)
Diana Hernandez (Student)
Olga Medrano Martin del Campo (Student)
Trevor Long (Student)
Tanya Llanas (Student)
Grace Kindeke (Staff)
Anuhya Vajapey (Student)
Kristen Surrao (Student)
Kate (retired staff)
Jenny Weissbourd (MBA Student)
Israel Macias (Student)
Willy Vasquez (Student)
Tracy Gabridge (staff/alumna)
J Darcy Duke (Staff + Alumni)
Kristina Greenwood (Student)
Abra Shen (Alumna)
Caralyn Cutlip (Student)
Kimberly Kennedy (Staff)
Farah Kabir (Student)
Nikayah Etienne (Student)
Kayla Tabb (Student)
Margaret H. Willison (Staff)
Raimundo Rodriguez (Student)
Andromeda Yelton (Staff)
Yue Zhong (Student)
Dheekshita Kumar (Student)
Carol S. Robinson (Retired staff)
Ashley Clark (Staff)
Anton Anastasov (Student)
Grace Mlady (Staff)
Murielle Dunand (Student)
Marco Aguilar (Student)
Katherine Yee (student)
Kelsey Allen (Student)
Madeleine Dawson (Student)
Jacob Miske (Student)
James Deng (Student)
Aria Fodness (Student)
Anthony Yu (Alumni)
Estefania Avila-Anchondo (Alumni)
Nicholas Curtis (Student)
Sebastian Santos (Student)
Dana Spiegel (Alumnus)
Alfredo Yanez (Student)
Shruti Dhariwal (Student)
Jose Gomez (Student)
Courtney Hilliard (Alumni)
Kaicheng Liang (student)
Thomas Lutz (Staff)
Amith Somanath (Student)
Kathryn Lawrence (Student)
Siddarth Guha (Student)
Xavier Zapien (Student)
Krithika Swaminathan (Student)
Ana María Vargas (Student)
Amelia Perry (Student)
Kristen Finney (Alumni)
Ochiba Attah (Student)
Leo Tsourides (Alumni)
David Bonner (Staff)
Scott W. Greenwald (Student)
Lynn Heinemann (Retired staff)
Deborah Widener (Staff)
Kyle Morgenstein (Student)
Will Reyes (Student)
Cedric Delmy (student)
Cynthia Harris (student)
Amnahir Pena-Alcantara (Student)
Nisha Chandramoorthy (Student)
Giri Anand (Student)
Juan Ferrua (Student)
Alexis Vivar (Student)
Cecilia H. Fernandez (Alumn)
Kasia Chmielinski (Staff)
Sara Ontiveros (Alumni)
Zoya Fan (Student)
Fransheska Colon (Alum)
Deborah Plana (Student)
Sarah A Wolozin (Staff)
Sahil Shah (Student)
Robert Morris (Alumni)
Kimberly Villalobos (Student)
Joshua Kubiak (Student)
Julia Wu (Student)
Jose Navarro (Student)
Isabella DiMambro (Staff)
Josef Biberstein (Student)
Ochiba Attah (Student)
Felipe Radovitzky (Student)
Rosa Manzo (Alumni)
Harriet Li (Student)
Alicia Ouyang (Student)
Allison Mann (Alumni)
Alexander H List (Alumni)
Cynthia Solomon (consultant)
noah feehan (Alumnus)
Miriam Simun (Student)
Gabriela Carrion-Rivera (student)
Allison Lemus (Student)
Liam Cohen (student)
Rogger A Montes (Student)
Juan Gil (Student)
Michael Chang (Student)
Grace Liu (Student)
Joseph Steele (Fellow)
Jake Barnwell (Student)
Bamlak Gessessew (Student)
Lauren Wojtkun (Staff)
Edwina Portocarrero (student)
Raul Largaespada (Student)
Bamlak Gessessew (Student)
Simantini Mitra-Behura (Student)
Caroline Morganti (Student)
Forrest Diamond (Alumnus)
Arlene Ducao (Research affiliate)
Marjorie Vandow (Parent of a current student and wife of an alumnus)
Trinidad Carney (Staff)
Daniel Dangond (Student)
Daniel Leithinger (Research Affiliate)
Diego Lazares (Student)
Rex Shepherd (Student)
Chris Reeve (alumni)
Veronica Salazar (Student)
Christopher Newell (Former Staff)
Joshua Scherrer (Student)
Katherine Stone (Graduate Student and Undergrad Alumni)
Jonathon Brown (student)
Anna Martinez (student)
Jessie Lowell (Alumna)
Saleem Aldajani (Student)
Alex Hanselman (Student)
Zoe Sheinkopf (student)
Rene Gonzalez (Alumni)
Greg Batcheler (Staff)
Eric Hinterman (Student )
Reva Ranka (Student)
Santhosh Narayan (student)
Jack Moore (Student)
Sasha Costanza-Chock (Faculty)
Aleena Shabbir (Student )
McKenzie Sampson (Student )
Chelsea (research staff)
Pablo Muniz (Student)
Edward Fan (Student)
Charles Holbrow (PHD Student, GRT)
Insiyah Bergeron (student)
David Sturman (alumni)
Heather Nelson (Student)
Nathaniel Huffman (Student)
James Cruz-Youll (Alumni)
Sandy Yang (Student)
Nicole L'Huillier (student)
Gabriel Fields (Student)
Damian Barabonkov (Student)
Weishuang Xu (Alumni)
Matthew T White (student)
Katherine Prutz (Student)
Tom Cervantes (student)
Eden Solomon (Student)
Kyanna Sutton (Staff)
Olivier Midy (Student)
John Bond (Student)
Rebecca Grekin (Student)
Garrett Watson (Student)
Rachel Osmundsen (student)
Jasmine Florentine (Alumni)
Nate Zuk (Alumni)
Luis Gallegos (Student)
Ben Bennington (Student)
Joaquin Giraldo (Student)
Tracy Sorto (Student)
Benjamín collins (Alum)
Lauren Schexnayder (Student)
Yunxing Liao (Student)
Xianglong Ni (student)
Nestor Franco (Student)
Victor Reyes (Student)
Justin Martinez (Alumnus)
Izumi (Student)
Juan Angulo (Student)
Venkatesh Sivaraman (Student)
Vivek Miglani (Student)
Lisa Tang (student)
Anna Boutin (Staff)
Timothy Hickey-LeClair ((Staff))
Jeba Sania (Student)
Hairuo Guo ((Student))
Devany West (Student)
Elizabeth Bianchini (Student)
Brooke McGoldrick (Student)
Rachel Reed (Staff)
Ray Dedhia (student)
Dan Calacci (Student)
Brenda Zanze (Student)
Casey Denham (Alumni)
Olivia Chong (student)
Jeannette Maisano-Brown (student)
Luis Terrones-Verastegui (Student)
Emma Costa (Student)
Natasha Jaques (Student)
Divya Panchanathan (Student)
Andrew Liotta (Alumni)
Fabiola Hernández (staff)
Daniel Prado (Student)
Lilia Kilburn (Alumna, Staff)
Kenneth Collins (Student)
William Livernois (Alumni)
Kenneth Collins (Student)
Hannah Lienhard (Student)
Fransisca Susan (Student)
Micah Gale (Student)
Adam Katz (Student)
Tracy Sorto (Student)
Sumaiya Nazeen (Student)
Serena Grown-Haeberli (Student)
Cory Anne Sharer (Employee)
Christian Landeros (student)
Tom Benavides (student)
Brian Gu (Student)
Kealyn Garner (Staff)
Cecile (Alumni)
Ayrton Munoz (student)
Carlos Sandoval (student)
Jenny Li (Student)
Caroline Jaffe (Student)
Vickie Ye (Student)
Katharine Nelson (Student)
Clayton Goggil (Alumni)
Arden (student)
Jade Fischer (Student )
Hannah Rudoltz (Student)
Maia Mesyngier (Student)
Amelia Brooks (Alumni)
David Gomez (Student)
Andrea Garcia (Student)
Nina Yang (Alumni)
Pedro Polanco (Student)
Kendall Fears (Student)
Vipul Vachharajani (Alumni)
Margarita Misirpashayeva (student)
Hannah Zlotnick (Student )
Felipe Monsalve (Student)
Linda Zhang (student )
Mollie Wilkinson (Student)
Rachel Kern (Alumna)
Mariana Ballina (Alumni)
Amanda Horne (Student)
Kyle Dominguez (Student)
Samuel Cherna (Student)
Nikhil Punwaney (Student)
Courtney Diamond (Student)
Vynnie Kong (Alumni)
Nitin Sawhney (Alumni)
Isabel crystal (Student )
Roberto Soto (Student)
Jan DeKenis (staff)
Roget Mo (Student)
Ayesha ((Student))
Brittany Bautista (Student)
Ashley Meng (Student)
Stephanie Diaz (Student )
Maggie Yuan (Student)
Sarah Tress (Student)
Celine (Student)
Holly Josephs (alumni)
Doris Le (Student)
Lisette Lopez (Alumni)
Lauren Spearman (Student)
Blake Berk (Student)
Joseph Swerdlin (student)
Elizabeth Gaylord (Student)
Grace Assaye (Alumni)
Katy Muhlrad (Student)
Tayo Falase (Alumni)
Andres Perez (student)
Laura Mondragon ()
Xin Lo (student)
Miffy Riley (Student)
Guillermo Webster (Student)
Elisabeth Sylvan (alumni)
Adela Yang (student)
Sam Ihns (Student)
Polly Guggenheim (Staff )
Mitchell Galer (Student)
Martin Schneider (Student)
Natasha Batten (Student)
Jonah Butler (Student)
Kofi Taha (Alumni & Staff)
Daniel Rodan Legrain (Student)
Jason Priest (Student)
Elton (student)
Lindsay Sanneman (Student)
Madonna Yoder (Student)
Nwamaka Amobi (Student)
Cynthia Liu (Student)
Megha Hegde ()
Jiyoung Chang (Student )
Elisabeth Boles (Student)
Shavina Chau (Student)
Patrick Barragán (staff)
Allison Schneider (Student)
Gil Goldshlager (Student)
Josue J Lopez (student)
Gabrielle Ballard (Student)
Kaylee Brent (Student)
Jasmin Palmer (Student)
Ramya Nagarajan (Student)
Polly Guggenheim (Staff)
Robert Silvestri (student)
Tofunmi Ogunfunmi (Student)
Julia CrowleyFarenga (Alumna)
Abhijit (Student)
Kayla Young (Student)
Iva Gramatikov (Student)
Amna Magzoub (Student)
Lacey Lord (Alumni)
Sarah Wharton (Student)
Sarah Wharton (Student)
kenny yang (student)
Megan Ochalek (Student)
Mary Casey (Staff)
Caroline (Admit, soon to be student)
Maxine-May Lartey (Student)
Sarah Guthrie (Alumni)
Sichen Chao ()
Carolina Lopez-Trevino (alumni)
Sidney Vermeulen (Student )
Ki-Jana Carter (Student)
Enrico Micali (student)
Raul Rojas (Alumni)
Marie Elimbi Moudio (Alumni)
Tema Nwana (Student)
Nancye Mims (MIT Staff)
Muhammad Eltahir (Student)
Klara (Friend of Student)
Catherine Zeng (Student)
Kevin Tang (Student)
Kyra Majors (Student)
Xitlali Juarez (Alumni)
Izzy Gomez (Student)
Alexis Camacho (Student)
Kendyll Hicks (Student)
Juan Salazar (Student )
Cynthia (None)
Elena (Staff)
Xiaolu Guo (student)
Wangui Mbuguiro (Student)
Nichole Clarke (Student)
Wendy Trieu (Student)
Carlos Garcia (Student)
James Stevens (Student)
Yi Zhong (MIT '16)
Daniela Carrasco (Student )
Briana McRae (Student)
Briana McRae (Student)
Ricardo Villarreal (Student)
Harith Morgan (Student)
Elizabeth Setren (Student)
Mareena Robinson Snowden (student)
Janelle Wellons (Alum)
Akito van Troyer (Student)
Matt Susskind (Alum)
Jonathan Melville (graduate student)
River Grace (Student)
Caitlin Fischer (student)
Jamila Smith-Dell (Alumni)
Alicia Cabrera-Mino (student)
Patricia Tang (faculty)
Catherine Yao (Student)
Ciera Gordon (Student)
Kwabena (Student)
Frederick Daso (Student)
Joseph Noszek (Student)
Oscar Guevara (Student)
Katherine Tatar (Alum)
Yvonne Romero (Family )
Barbara Duckworth (Student)
David Pacheco (Student)
Nicolas Gomez (Student)
Mika Braginsky (student)
Kimberly Villalobos (student)
Mostafa Negm ()
Stephanie Eiler (Student)
Dayanna Espinoza (Student)
Naomi Dereje (student)
Clarissa Towle (Alumna)
Michelle Yuan (Student)
Adriana Jacobsen (Student)
Itoro Atakpa (Student)
Lesian Lengare (Student)
Itoro Atakpa (Student)
Berenice Estrada (Student)
Hollie O'Brien (Alum)
Jackie Liu (Student)
Sara Sime (Student)
Lindsey Osimiri (Alumnus)
Nicolas Amato (Student)
Domenic Narducci (Student)
Monika Avello (Graduate student )
Stacey Snyder (staff)
Tomi Adelusi (Student)
Sarah Schwettmann (PhD student)
Abel B Tadesse (Student)
Francisca Vasconcelos (Student)
Andres Alvarado (student)
Abby Duker (cross-registered student)
Alicia Weng (Student)
Yadav Gowda (Student)
Brian Axelrod (Student)
Angel E Lopez (Student)
Yao Siabi (Student)
Caitlin Schroell (friend)
Ashin Modak (student)
Karen Sittig (Alum)
Lukas Lao Beyer (Student)
Teresa Lin (Student)
Marlo Johnson (Student)
Zidane Abubakar (Student)
Anna Williams (Student)
Brandon Kramer (Student)
Fayed Ali (Student)
Yuliya Klochan (Student)
Petra-Juliahn Hernandez (Student)
Nithin Buduma (Student)
Pauline Varley (Alumnus)
Stephen Allsop (postdoc)
Dain Kim (Student)
Nicholas Wu (Student)
Leslie Ann Roldan (Lecturer)
Emily Moberg (Alumna)
Sean Houlihan (student)
Alicia Kaestli (Alum)
Kenneth Acquah (Student)
Madison Hill (Student)
Stephanie (Alumni)
Nishchal Bhandari (Student)
Lance Neil (Student)
Vickie Wang (Student)
Richard Liu (Student)
Ben Rosen-Filardo (student)
Allan Costa (Student)
Aleksejs Popovs (Student)
Anthony (Alumni)
Stephanie Pavlick (Student)
Heather Sweeney (Student)
Francisco Saldana (Alumni 2014)
Desi Gonzalez (alum)
Eden Girma (student)
Fernando Nunez (Alum)
Maggie (student)
Dorian Burks (Alum)
Andrea Gutierrez Marty (ALUMNI 2014)
Lillian McKinley (Alumna)
Chloe Garden (student)
Val (Alumnus)
Rodrigo Ochigame (Student)
Val Healy (Alumnus)
Joshua Gordonson (Alumni)
Barbarah Heimer (Student)
Samantha Amey-Gonzalez (Student)
Prakriti Paul (Alum)
Eduardo A. Valle (Alum)
Suniyya A. Waraich (Alum)
Roosevelt Boyland (Alum)
Carolyn O'Brien (Alum)
Meghan Davis (student)
Madison Evans (Student)
Tony Elian (Student)
Jesus Solis (Student)
Lara Day (Staff)
Daniel A Vignon (Student)
Juan Ferrua (Student)
Carolina Fejgielman (Student)
Santos Solorzano (Friend of students)
Chae Won Lee (alumn)
Juan Ferrua (Student)
Spencer Toll (Student)
Aman Patel (Student)
Bryan Chen (Student)
David Dellal (Student)
Vincent Kee (Student)
Jorge Gonzalez (student)
Lesley Wang (Alum)
Dhruva Aaradhya (Student)
Edward Burnell (Student)
Jazmine Henderson (Student)
Jonathan Lim (student)
Phillip Graham (Student)
Paul Kalebu (Student)
Alejandro Cabrales Hernandez (Student)
Sami Kebede (Student)
Alejandro Velez (student)
Ahmed Eltahir (Alum)
Ariel Brito (Student)
Michael Choi (student)
Mgcini Phuthi (student)
Marisa Sotolongo (Alum)
Carlos Alejandro Soto (Alum)
Drew Bent (Student)
Alan Samboy (Student)
Emily Giurleo (Student)
Alyssa Napier (Alum)
Jacqueline Nava (Alum)
Abdi-Hakin Dirie (student)
Madeline Zhang (Student)
Julia Longmate (Alumna)
Alysse Hamm (Student)
Andres Reyna (Student)
Katheryn Scott (Student)
Briana Chen (Alumn)
Laura Genes (Student )
Jeremy Poindexter (student)
Francisco R. (Alum)
Keri Garel (Alum)
Ehi Ediale (Alum)
Paul Ravelo (Faculty)
Brynna Downey (Student)
Daniela Zúñiga Sacks (Student)
William Li (Student)
Gabriel Valdes (Student)
Wendi Guraziu (Student)
Stephanie Hartman (Staff)
Eeway Hsu (Student)
Katherine (student)
Erica Yuen (Student)
Nicholas Pape (undergraduate)
Adedoyin Olateru-Olagbegi (Student)
Missy Showers (Alum)
Jean Carlos Serrano (Student)
Kareem itani (Student)
Jocelyn Lorrey (Student)
Tuan Nguyen (Student)
Eugenia Beh (Staff)
Danielle Olson (Student)
Manuel Mundo (Student)
Atissa Banuazizi (Staff)
Jia Hui Lee (Student)
Camille DeJarnett (Alumna)
Claire Nobuhara (Student )
Alexander Klein (Alumnus)
TojumiOluwa Adegboyega (student)
Patrick Moran (Student)
Mark Szarko (staff)
Kavita Hatipoglu (Alumni)
Wei-Yang Sun (Alum)
Yun Boyer (Student)
Yun Boyer (Student)
Daniel Ziegler (student)
Phat Nguyen (Student)
Kristen Murray (Alum)
Luisa Reis Castro (Student)
Eloho Akpovi (Alum)
Esteban McKenzie (Alum)
Maya Berlinger (student)
Renee Blackburn (student )
Richard Fadok (Student)
Megan Goodell (Student)
Kolby Danner (Student)
Emily Mackevicius (student)
Ellie Immerman (Student)
Alison Laurence (student)
Vineel Chakradhar (student)
Jessica Tang (Student)
Ashawari Chaudhuri (Student)
Peter Downs (Student)
Maritsa Negrete (Alum)
Amber Meighan (Student)
Jessica Torres (Alum)
Cathy Zhang (Student, Alum)
Kate Telma (Student)
Beth Semel (Student)
Beth Semel (Student)
William J. Butera (alumni)
Macauley Kenney (Alumna)
Britta Voss (alumna)
Cathy Sun (Student )
Elena (Student)
Raul Boquin (Student)
Ali Abdalla (Student)
Phil Getzen (Spouse of student)
Daniel Fitzgerald (Student)
Kari Jo Verhulst (Lutheran Chaplain to MIT)
Gary Burnett (Student )
John O'Sullivan (Student)
Suhrid Deshmukh (student)
Kai Kloepfer (Student)
Daniel Minty (Staff)
Parker Vascik (student)
Dilmurat Moldobaev (Student)
Sands Fish (Student)
Amy Loomis (Alum)
Caroline Walsh (Student)
Benjamin Rowley (Student)
Nicole Labruto (Student)
Nicholas Guiliano (Student)
Christopher Baron (student)
Nonye Ikeanyi (Student)
Chris Sacha (Student)
Chris Sacha (Student)
Adrienne Debigare (Research Affiliate)
Varun Mehra (Student )
thulith edirisinghe (student)
Brice Huang (Student)
Dana Boebinger (Student)
Esther Duflo (Faculty )
Maranda Johnston (Student)
Sapna Kumari (Student)
Donca Steriade (faculty)
Jamie chang (Student)
Shraman (Student)
Bibek K Pandit (Student)
Thompson E. Potter, Jr. (none, though I am a long-serving faculty secretary at Harvard Law School)
Maximilien Baas-Thomas (Alumnus)
Kendall Capshaw (Alum)
Suma Anand (Student)
Emily Kellison-Linn (Alum)
Patrick Brown (postdoc)
Eugenia Marin (Research Affiliate)
Ashley Meng (Student)
Loren Maggiore (Student)
Emile Theriault-Shay (Student)
Alberto Ancona (Student)
Trang Luu (Student)
Lucas Cassiano (student)
Nathaniel Knopf (Student)
John A Mims (Ex-Undergraduate Admissions Staff)
Eduardo Russian (Alumni )
Ivy Li (Student)
John Read (Alum)
Jasmine H Chan (Alumna)
Johan Villanueva (Student)
Justine McPartlan (Student)
Vinay Mayar (Student)
Denise Lanfranchi (Staff)
Lauren Jefferson (Alumna)
Elizabeth Vasquez (Student)
Elena Sobrino (Student)
Eric Riehl (student)
Wasay Anwer (Student)
Victoria zanini (Student)
Felipe Lozano-Landinez (Student)
Dalia Leibowitz (Student)
Mohannad Abunassar (Student)
Samantha Lewis (Alumna)
Karen Hao (Alum)
James (Xiang) Li (Student )
Xiaolu Guo (student)
WeiXun He (Student)
Emily Crandall Fleischman (Student)
Jennifer Lu (student)
Tal Scully (Student)
Megan Yamoah (Student)
Ananya Nandy (Student)
Alexander Yang (Student)
Lee Lopez (Student)
Stephen Brophy (Lecturer)
Emma Batson (Student)
Jackie Bredenberg (Student)
Amelia Smith (Student)
Stephanie Khaguli (Student)
Cristhian Ulloa (Alumni)
William A. Rodriguez (Student)
Rachel Katz (Student)
Kevin Escobar Rodriguez (Student)
David Wang (Student)
Aaron Sipser (Student)
Sara Hauptman (Student)
Eli Sadovnik (Student)
Karina Hinojosa (Student)
Andres Alvarez (Student)
Maddie Cain (student)
Michael Cantara (Student)
Tina Quach (Student)
Crystal Lee (Student)
Austen Yueh (Staff)
Hannah Loizzo (Student)
Rose Lenehan (Student)
Tina Zheng (Alum)
Jose Garcia (Student)
Darij Grinberg (alum)
Darij Grinberg (alum)
Claire Duvallet (Student)
Grace Kim (Student)
Rachel Galowich (Student)
Saarik (student)
Raymond Liu (student)
Cel Skeggs (student)
Anita Gathoni Wamakima (Alumni)
Tanya Smith (Student)
Jessica A Artiles (alum)
Amanda Liu (Student)
Riana Lo Bu (Alum)
Fiona (Student)
Charlotte Minsky (Student)
Katie McGeough (student)
Enrique Mendez (Student)
Dr. Julián Villarreal (Alumnus)
Wendy Wei (Student)
Emily Grandier Bloch (Recent alum (2016))
Sarah (Student)
Sarah Coleman (Student)
Dana Vigue (Student)
Jessie Stickgold-Sarah (Lecturer)
Anne KUan (Alum)
Ekapob Kulchoakrungsun (Alum)
Ashley Meng (Student)
Nia Myrie (Student)
Benjamin (student)
An Ho (Student)
Nick DePalma (Student)
Joey Muller (Student)
Alexis Schneider (Student)
Christopher Womack (Student)
Victoria Xiao (Student)
Soumya Braganza (Alum)
Julia Rue (student)
Alvaro Melendez (Student)
Erica P. Santana (Student)
Parker Hao (Student)
Toria Yan (Student)
Juan Romero (student)
Maria Rossi (Alumna)
Raspberry Simpson (Student)
Kimberly McManus (Alum)
Bevan Pereira (student)
Dexin Li (Student)
Matt Tucker (Student)
Zion Perry (Student)
Chika Eke (Student)
Ty Austin (student)
Ann Liu (Student)
Serena Xu (Student)
Laura Liao (Student)
Mohannad Abunassar (Student)
Akashnil Dutta (Alum)
Elizabeth Zhou (Student)
Luis Carbajal (Alumnus)
Shengnan (Student)
Shengnan (Student)
Nathan Tyrell (Student)
Alvaro Rivera (Student)
Brianna Coston (Alumni '15)
Tally Portnoi (Student)
Isabel Naomi Quispe (student)
ZhiYi Liang (Student)
Anthony Rosario (student)
Leigh-Ana Rossitto (Student)
lucas igarzabal (Student)
Moraa Marwanga (Student)
Aaron (Alumnus)
Dan L. (Alum)
Lily velona ()
Jueun Lee (Student)
Stephanie Ren (Student)
Jackson Davidow (student)
Kelly Chen (student)
Jan Wampler (Faculty)
Courtney Diamond (Student)
Maha Haji ((Alum))
Sally Beiruti (student)
Andrea Meister (Student)
Julie Henion (Alum)
Nathaniel Jones (student)
Hyerin Lee (Student)
Emily Zhang (student)
Josephine Yu (Student)
Joy Ekuta (Alum)
Katy Ma (Student)
Sharlene Chiu (Student)
Peter Githaiga (Alum)
Jacob Swiezy (student)
Yasaman tahouni (Student)
Annmarie Wang (student)
Malcolm Rio (MIT student)
Steven A Rivera (Student)
Valerie Richmond (Student)
Andrea Baena (Student)
Daniel Sanchez (Student)
Anvisha Pai (Recent alum)
Adit Abraham (Student)
Pedro Salas (Alumnus)
Michelle Lauer (Student)
Leilani Battle (Student)
Noah Wagner (Harvard student)
Daly Wettermark (Student)
Isac Hernandez (Student)
Manolya Altan (Student)
Adelynn Paik (Student)
Kathy Lin (Alumni)
Xiaoyi Wang (Student )
John Fechtel (Student)
Nushelle de Silva (Student)
Flavia Cardarelli (Staff)
Lin Xie (Alumna)
Erica Yuen (Student)
Jaclyn Wilson (Alumna and Staff)
Anthony Vanky (Student)
Maurizio Alfredo Diaz (student)
Dishita Turakhia (Student)
Wengong Jin (student)
Rhea Belani (Staff/mentor)
Lauren Spite (Alum)
Nasim Memon (Relative of an Alumni)
Lily Zhou (Student)
Charlotte D'Acierno (Student)
Kylie (Student)
Sarah Shader (Student)
Jamie (student)
Ayomide Fatunde (Student)
Barbara Feldman (staff)
Farah Attia (Alum)
Ashley Meng (Student)
Celine Yang (Alum)
Luisa Apolaya Torres (Student)
Arsen Mamikonyan (student)
Keenan Sunderwirth (Alumna '14)
Lisa Hersh (Staff)
Stephanie Hsu (Alum)
Audrey Bosquet (Staff)
Adiel Benitez (Student)
Yuree Kim (Student)
Caitlin Keegan (Student)
Rachael Devlin (Student)
Johari Menelik Frasier (Alumnus (SB 2013))
Allison Nguyen (Student)
Angela Wang (Alumni)
Harry Thaman (Student)
Emilie Reiser (Staff)
Charles Freeman (Student)
Jon Lu (student)
Tara Liu (Student)
Aaron Rose (Student)
Mateo Correa (Student)
Madison (Alum)
Rianna Shah (Student)
Colin Aitken (Student)
Molly McInerney (Staff)
Katie Bacher (Student)
Benjamin Waar (student)
Abenezer Samuel (Student)
Daniela Carrasco (Student )
Gloria Anglon (Staff)
Amanda Mok (Alumna)
Larisa Ovalles (alumni, employee)
Friederike Buck (student)
Kyle Swanson (Student)
Citlali Trigos (Student)
Emily Do (alum)
Francis McCann (student)
Emma DeSoto (Student)
Daniel Gonzalez-Diaz (Student)
Christie Hong (Student)
Paige Anderson (Student )
Dalia Walzer (Student)
Matthew Wu (Student)
Dotun Oseni-Adegbite (Student)
Jullianna Bracco (Student)
Omar Valerio-Jimenez (Alumni)

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