2019 KSP Campaign Voter Survey
The Socialist Party of Kalamazoo is putting forth candidates for the 2019 city commission elections. Andy Argo, Emily Demorest, and Tristen Jessup will be running on a localized platform of the Socialist Party USA. As candidates for public office, we are looking for feedback from the Kalamazoo public regarding issues that are important to them.

Please answer the questions honestly. Any questions you do not feel comfortable answering, just leave blank.

We look forward to reading your responses. In Unity.
Are you a registered voter?
Would you consider yourself to be part of the working class of Kalamazoo?
Do you own any businesses or property?
How well do you feel your needs are being addressed by the two major political parties?
Not at all
Have you ever voted in a local city election for Kalamazoo?
In what neighborhood of Kalamazoo do you currently reside?
Your answer
Do you rent or own?
Who do you rent from?
Your answer
How long have you lived in Kalamazoo?
How much do you pay in rent each month?
Do you have any concerns or complaints about your housing situation?
Your answer
Would you support a renter's union of Kalamazoo?
Are you currently employed?
How long have you been unemployed?
Your answer
Were you previously employed?
Your answer
Do you work in the city or outside of it?
Do you work in any of the following industries?
Are you in a union?
How much do you know about what a union is an what it is for?
Not at all
Very knowledgable
How many hours a week do you work?
How many jobs do you have?
Does your job offer you medical or other benefits in addition to pay?
Do you get paid for overtime?
About how much do you make every month in pay?
Do you feel like you are struggling financially?
Do you think your workplace should be more democratic?
Your answer
Are you a woman?
Have you ever experienced discrimination in seeking housing or employment as a result of your womanhood?
Do you think that the city of Kalamazoo takes the needs of women seriously?
Are you a parent?
Do you pay for childcare?
How much do you pay for childcare every week?
Are you satisfied with the childcare you are currently receiving?
How difficult was it to find quality and affordable childcare in Kalamazoo?
Very easy
Are you able to work/study as a parent in this city?
Do you have adequate and affordable access to female-specific medical care (including birth control and other forms of contraception)?
Do you have reliable and affordable access to abortion services?
Are there any specific issues about being a woman that you wish the city of Kalamazoo would more adequately address?
Your answer
Are you a student?
Do you pay student loans?
Do you work in an unpaid internship or practicum?
Is your intern work a requirement for your graduation?
Do you intend to use your degree to work in Kalamazoo? Why or why not?
Your answer
How would you describe your racial or ethnic identity?
Your answer
Do you feel like your racial identity or ethnic group is represented fairly by the local government?
Have you ever been harassed or abused by local law enforcement?
Have ever been discriminated against in seeking housing or employment in the city as a result of your race or ethnicity?
Have you ever been fired from your job for what you feel are racial or ethnic reasons?
Do you feel like the law-makers of Kalamazoo prioritize the needs of your family and community, or do you feel neglected or ignored?
Is there anything specific to your living in Kalamazoo as your racial or ethnic identity that you wish could be addressed?
Your answer
Are you currently homeless/houseless?
How long have you been without a place to live?
Have you ever stayed at or interacted with the gospel mission of Kalamazoo?
Do you feel like they care about your needs as a homeless person?
Have you ever experienced religious discrimination or bias while at the mission?
In general how has your experience been staying at the mission?
Your answer
Were you a resident of the Bronson Park encampment?
How did you feel about the way the city and law enforcement has dealt with homeless encampments throughout the city?
Your answer
Do you think the law-makers and other government officials of Kalamazoo care about the needs of the homeless population?
Would you be supportive of a Housing First solution in Kalamazoo?
As a homeless person, what is the number one thing someone could do to help you?
Your answer
Are you an immigrant?
Are you a refugee?
As an immigrant, have you had difficulty finding work or housing in the city?
Have you ever had any interactions with law enforcement or ICE in Kalamazoo because of your immigrant status?
Have you had a family member deported due to local, state, and federal immigration policy?
How did the deportation affect you?
Your answer
Do you think the city of Kalamazoo cares about its immigrant population?
What do you wish the city would do to provide for the needs of the immigrant community in Kalamazoo?
Your answer
Do you consider yourself part of the LGBTQ+ community?
Have you ever been discriminated against in seeking housing or employment as a result of your sexual orientation or gender identity?
What do you wish the city would do to support LGBTQ+ rights and community needs?
Your answer
Do you or any of your family members have a disability or other serious mental or physical condition?
Have you ever been discriminated against as a result of your disability or condition?
Do you feel that businesses and other public spaces adequately accommodate your needs?
Are there any specific needs associated with your condition that are not being addressed by businesses and other organizations in the city?
Your answer
Do you feel like the city of Kalamazoo cares about residents with disabilities and other conditions?
Is there anything in particular that would make your life easier and improve your ability to contribute and interact with the Kalamazoo community?
Your answer
How familiar are you with the concepts of capitalism?
Not at all
Very knowledgable
Do you consider yourself to be a supporter of capitalism, critical of capitalism, or ambivalent?
Do you think capitalism is a good thing for Kalamazoo city and its working-class residents? Why?
Your answer
How familiar are you with the concepts of Socialism?
Not at all
Very knowledgable
Do you consider yourself to be a supporter of socialism, critical of socialism, or ambivalent?
Which do you think is more democratic: Capitalism or Socialism?
Do you think Kalamazoo, and its working-class residents, would benefit from socialist policies and aspirations? Why?
Your answer
Do you intend to vote in the local city election this coming fall?
Would you be okay with us contacting you to remind you of the election as it nears?
Where can we reach you at?
Your answer
Will you need a ride to your polling location?
Is there anything else we missed?
Your answer
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