Mile Hill Farms & Root Cellar Gardens: Storage Vegetable Order Form 2017
Our Storage Vegetable order is an increasingly popular way to purchase your fix of fresh, local veggies. Through this order you have the chance to 'put your name' on the veggies you want, and avoid the rush to the farmer's market before things sell out. You can order a lot (to store and see you through the winter), or a little... or anything in between. We are excited to present our 2017 order form below.

Only organic gardening methods used in all vegetable production on Mile Hill Farms & at Root Cellar Gardens.Garden soils have been made richer by growing nitrogen rich crops, then turning the crops directly into the soil. By rotating where plants are grown each year we cut down on disease, and pest problems.

We strictly adhere to the following standards with our purchasing of seed, planting, and garden care and maintenance:
* No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
* No use of chemical fertilizers
* No use of genetically modified organisms

While both Mile Hill Farms and Root Cellar Gardens adhere to the same strict ecological growing stands, source farm (Root Cellar Gardens / Mile Hill Farms) is identified throughout the order form using initials (RCG/MHF) for your information.

Storage vegetable orders are available on two separate dates (determined by harvest times for each veggie). This year's pick up information is as follows (but can vary depending on seasonal weather issues):

*Friday September 1 pick up: garlic, frozen pesto, kohlrabi, and frozen peas. (*These Items have been delivered as ordered and are no longer available on this order form.)
**Friday September 29 pick up: carrots, beets, leeks, onions, celeriac, parsnips, rutabaga, and squash.
Pick up will be at the site of the Thunder Bay Country Market on the proposed dates.
Note- Pick up WILL NOT BE during regular market hours for ease of parking close to the veggies, and less carrying!
(We will send out a confirmation and reminder of pick up closer to harvest time.)

You will receive a confirmation of your order once it has been placed. Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis so don't delay!

For more information on methods for storing your winter veggies please look to

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The Switch to Metric
In 2016 Mile Hill Farms and Root Cellar Gardens went metric with their units of sale (where applicable). A quick reminder to help you shift your thinking when you place your order:

1 lb = 454 g, so basically just less than 1/2 a kilogram.
Garlic (Leningrad): $22.00 / 500g MHF No Longer Available on this order
This storage garlic should last you until garlic is ready next year, so long as it is kept cool and dry. Leningrad packs a lot of punch. Leningrad has become a staple thanks to its excellent flavour, and long storage life. This variety has 4-6 cloves per bulb.
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Garlic (Chesnok Red): $22.00 / 500g MHF No Longer Available on this order
Chesnok Red is a gourmet delight. It is a purple striped hardneck variety and one of the best cooking garlics. It holds its shape and retains flavor well when cooked. It also stores well. Year after year, we sell more Chesnok Red than any other variety.
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Garlic (Northern Quebec): $22.00 / 500g MHF No Longer Available on this order
A beautiful porcelain, with the typical bulky porcelain cloves. In a Mile Hill Farms taste testing, this garlic won for best roasted flavour.
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Garlic (Susan Delafield): $22.00 / 500g MHF No Longer Available on this order
Susan Delafield is known as one of the hottest tasting porcelains. Besides her impressive heat, Susan also boasts some colossal cloves.
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Garlic (Persian Star): $22.00 / 500g MHF No Longer Available on this order
Persian Star garlic has an elegant flavour and a beautiful appearance. This variety has 8-12 cloves per bulb.
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SWEET Red Onions (Rosa di Milano) $4.50 / kg MHF *
These mauve coloured onions are a new favourite of ours! Sweet enough to be enjoyed raw in salad or on sandwiches, but flavourful enough to be used in cooking too. These onions store well.
Red Onions (Redwings) $4.50 / kg MHF *
Beautiful dark red onions with full flavour, and good storage potential (3-4 months..... sometimes much longer).
White Onions (Cortland): $4.50 / kg MHF *
White, classy, high quality cooking onions with a nice skin colour. Store well into the spring.
Leeks: $5.50 / kg MHF *
Very tender and mild-flavoured. Oh how I love leek soup! Chop and freeze leeks for winter use. Good size.
Carrots $ 4.50 / kg MHF
Large organic carrots for winter keeping in your cold storage. In a crate, layer your uncleaned carrots in sawdust, soil, or peat moss. Make sure you trim the tops off your carrots at the "shoulders" to prevent winter growth. Most families use from 20 to 60 pounds over winter.
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Beets $4.50 / kg MHF *
These choice, deep-red, round beets are uniform, sweet, and very tender. Store very well.
Parsnips: $8.00/ kg RCG *
Parsnips are a fantastic vegetable, and they are rapidly becoming more popular and sought after. They are sweet and lend themselves to roasting, but can also be enjoyed mashed, grated, or baked up in cakes (like carrots!). Store parsnips the same way you store your carrots and they will keep well into the winter (if you don’t eat them all, that is!).
Rutabagas: $3.50/ kg RCG *
This turnip cousin, often used in soups and stews. But really, rutabagas can be so much more! They are an extremely hardy root vegetable, and as such also lend themselves to braising, roasting, and mashing.
Kohlrabi (Kossak): $3.00 each RCG No Longer Available on this order
Kohlrabis are round, mild flavoured members of the cabbage family. They have a wonderful juicy crispness and can be enjoyed raw or cooked. While many smaller varieties of kohlrabi are best eaten soon after harvest, these small-cabbage sized ones store well into the winter!
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Peas (frozen, shelled): $5.00/250g RCG No Longer Available on this order
There are few things in the middle of winter that taste so brightly of summer as peas frozen right out of the garden. These peas are harvested, shelled, and frozen all in the same day, at the peak of summer.
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Squash: Spagetti Squash $4.00 each MHF *
This medium-sized cylinder-shaped squash can be yellow, cream, or tan in color. Spaghetti squash weigh 4-8 pounds. The flesh comes in spaghetti-shaped strands and a sweet, mild flavor. A four pound squash will yield about 5 cups.
Squash: Butternut (cousin of the buttercup) $4.00 each MHF *
Butternut squashes are large, oblong vegetables that have pale white to tan skin and have orange and gold flesh. Butternut squash is best eaten alone, roasted to bring out the sweetness of the flesh or pureed in a rich and creamy soup. Even novice cooks can make a delicious roasted butternut squash soup with simple techniques and equipment.
Squash: Honeyboat $1.50 each MHF *
Cute, little Honeyboat is one of the sweetest squash varieties in existence. Oblong, Delicata-shaped squash have tan skin with green stripes.
Squash: Stella Blue (heirloom) $4.00 each RCG
Stella Blue is a ribbed, medium size squash with a stunning slate-blue outside. Cut it open to reveal deep, sweet, meaty, orange flesh. A slightly drier squash (like a buttercup), Stella Blue is great roasted, in soups, and baking. It's flavour and texture also make it a fantastic local substitute for sweet potato.
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Celeriac (Root Celery): $2.50 each RCG
Celariac (or root celery) is just that - a variety of celery grown for it's starch-storing root instead of it's crunchy green stalks. It has a mild celery flavour and can used just about any way you can imagine: grated in salads, roasted, boiled, as a celery replacement in soup (or any other recipe calling for it).
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Pesto (frozen): $5.00/125ml MHF No Longer Available on this order
Flavour explosion! Tastes like summer! Pesto is made from Basil, Garlic, Parsley, Sea Salt, Oil (Brule Creek Farm local grown cold pressed). Pesto is dairy and nut free.
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Cilantro Pesto (frozen): $5.00/125 ml RCG No Longer Available on this order
Think the potency and consistency of pesto, but a flavour all it's own. Bright, lively, and also nut and dairy free. Try cilantro pesto on pasta, in tacos or enchilandas, on nachos, chicken, beef.... The possibilities are endless! (Contains cilantro, garlic, oil, salt, lime).
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Please let us know any of what you love from this order and if there are any changes you would like to see in the future.
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