Karaoke Musical 2020
Are you ready to get WICKED in the second annual WTF Karaoke Musical? This form is for anyone who wants to perform in the show! Here's a nifty FAQ in case you want to know more about what you're getting yourself into:

Q: What the heck is a Karaoke Musical?
A: Wow. How can we put into words *all* that a Karaoke Musical is? Well, first of all, it's a one-of-a-kind show written completely around the participants + their song choices. You pick a song and answer some other questions here, then you just show up on the evening of the show and perform whatever you see scroll across the screen! Sounds fun, huh? The Karaoke Musical is also a fundraiser to support the Women's Theatre Festival's programming in 2020...so we hope you'll not only enter to perform, but join in the FUNdraising!

Q: So no rehearsals?
A: That's right! No rehearsals! A big part of the fun is all of the surprises in store for you! It's also a perfect way to support WTF if you have a busy schedule. You can feel free to practice your song choice....or not.

Q: Wicked? What's so wicked about it?
A: Well, since our theme this season is Women Are Wicked, we thought this was a great opportunity to be as deliciously wicked as we want to be! There's space in the form to let us know how wicked YOU want to be and our writing team will enthusiastically oblige!

Q: What was all that about fundraising?
A: The Karaoke Musical is WTF one big fundraising event for 2020 and we need your help....but we will make it FUN + EASY for you to fundraise along with us! The base entry fee to participate in the show is $25 and below you'll see a full "menu" of options. You can either make a donation in the amount of your performance choices *OR* raise the funds among your pals using our fundraising interface, GoFundMe Charity! The whole event will be organized on a GoFundMe Charity Event Page and you'll have your very own link to share with friends who want to donate on your behalf. Don't worry! We'll send you instructions and a handy "cheatsheet" to guide you through! We'll also be having a wicked little COMPETITION--whoever raises the most money will receive a special PRIZE....and a special surprise in the script!

Q: What if I am not a great singer?
A: So what! This is a chance to have fun! Sing out loud and proud!

Q: Brass tacks. When is this Karaoke Musical? And where?
A: The Karaoke Musical will be February 1, 2020. The show starts at 7:30pm with a 6:30pm Gala. You'll also have the option to encore your song performance (with any embellishments you may want) at the Xtra Wicked Late Night Karaoke Party beginning at 10:30pm. All this will take place at the Pure Life Theatre in the Royal Bakery Building at 3801 Hillsborough Street Raleigh.

Q: How can my friends come see the show?
A: Tickets can be reserved on the GoFundMe Charity Event Page. Gala tickets are $50, VIP tables are $250, and there's also a $12 General Admission Ticket for folks who just want to come see your performance.

Q: What about accessibility?
A: We will make any and every accommodation so that you can participate.

Q: Wait! You didn't answer my question!
A: Email us at info@womenstheatrefestival.com. We're always happy to chat!
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Are you planning to fundraise or do you prefer to be invoiced for your participation fee? *
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What is your song choice? Song title and artist are helpful. Feel free to include a link to lyrics or bonus for a link to a karaoke version (YouTube is great) that you want to perform! *
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If you selected the option for a second song choice above, what is your second selection?
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In the event that we cannot find a karaoke version of your song choice or cannot make it work into the script (we PROMISE to do our very, very best), please list two alternative choices. *
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What would you like the character's name to be? (It's ok if you want us to make it up.) *
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What is your character's gender and pronouns? *
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What is your character's sexuality? Feel free to share how prominently you want sexuality to factor in. *
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Use the following scale to let us know how WICKED you want your character to be. *
I'm a Disney Princess. The birds and mice help me get dressed.
I'm an axe-wielding, chainsaw-massacring, hell-on-two-legs lady satan.
If you chose the costuming add-on above, please share your sizes and any info you want us to have. If you did not choose the costume add-on, you will be responsible for bringing your own, ok?
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If you chose the signature catchphrase add-on option, what would you like your catchphrase to be? If you want us to surprise you with a catchphrase, just let us know!
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If you chose the special request add-on above, lay it on us! What's your special request?
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The entire script will scroll across a screen. If this or any other element of participating may require an accommodation (like a large print script to hold, a sighted guide, etc.) let us know here. Or email us at info@womenstheatrefestival.com. You can even call 919-710-6635. We really care about accessibility and want you to be able to participate fully!
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Acknowledge: I understand that this is a ridiculous premise and my castmates and I will probably look silly. I know that everything will be improvised, slapdash, and hilarious. I'm all in. *
Acknowledge: I understand that the date is not moveable. I am certain I am available to perform on February 1, 2020. Barring a major emergency, I'm completely and utterly committed to being present. Further, I understand that my participation fee and any fundraising I do on behalf of WTF is a donation and will not be reimbursed. *
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