No Cost Printer Program: Printer Questionnaire
1) Are you looking to replace or add a new printer / copier / fax machine? *
If replacing, what is the make & model of your old machine?
2) How many people will use the printer? *
3) For only this printer, how many reams of paper would you use a MONTH? (1 ream = 500 sheets) *
If you chose "8+ reams," how many more reams (sheets) do you use a month?
4) What type of printing output do you need? *
5) What functions do you need? (check all that apply) *
6) Do you require to print on the following media types? (check all that apply)
7) What operating system will the connected computer(s) be running? (check all that apply)
8) If you have any other printers, copiers, or fax machines around the office, please list them here:
9) Would you be interested in (check all that apply):
10) Please provide any additional information or needs that you see fit.
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