Recycling Center Feedback
Willard Parks wants your feedback!
We recognize that the last year has been difficult on everyone, and the hours and operation of the Recycling Center has been an added stressor.
We want to provide a service that benefits the greatest number of people in the community, so your honest and constructive feedback is important.
Please complete the survey to help us understand how to make recycling work for your family.
Thank you, Jason Knight.
Please select the 3 most convenient times for you to use the recycling center: *
What time does not work for you to use the recycling center? *
One of the barriers to having the Recycling Center open for more hours is abuse of the facility.
Have you observed one or more of the following? Please select each item you have observed. *
Are you aware that some of trash providers in Willard offer curbside recycling? *
What features do you think the City should invest in at the recycling center?
Willard Parks and the City of Willard knows that recycling is important to the community.
Please help us understand how important it is to you.
If there was a volunteer committee to manage the recycling center to provide longer hours of access, would you participate? *
Would you be interested in being on a committee to address dumping of trash or non-recyclables at the Recycling Center? *
We know that the community takes pride in our town, but not everyone feels the same about littering.
Would you participate in a community recycling clean up day? *
Would you participate in a community trash pickup day to remove litter from roadside ditches and along the trail? *
What is your primary concern surrounding the Recycling Center?
Willard Parks currently communicates updates about the recycling center through our Willard Parks Facebook page, and by sharing to other community pages. How could we communicate better?
If you are interested in becoming involved with the recycling center, or would like to be part of a committee, please send a message to with your name and contact information. Thank you!
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