Magalies Business & Tourism Forum - COVID-19
Dear business owner, please take a few minutes of your time to complete this anonymous questionnaire.

The information gathered will be used to determine the impact of COVID-19 on business in our community.
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Has your business been negatively affected by the LOCK-DOWN? *
What type of business are you in? *
Have you been able to trade during the LOCK-DOWN Levels? *
Yes, with certain restrictions
Level 5 phase
Level 4 phase
Will you be able to trade during Level 3 phase
How much did you drop / increase your turnover during the lock-down? *
How many employees did you have before the lock-down? *
How many staff members did you have to lay off, if any? *
Have you applied for UIF benefits for your employees? *
If YES, have you or your employees receive any UIF benefits / payments?
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If NO, why Not?
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Have you applied for any financial support for your business? *
If YES, with whom did you apply?
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Has any of your applications for funding been successful? *
Have your received financial support from the following? *
Payment Holiday
Insurance company
Cellphone & data providers
Medical Aid
Service providers
Do you think your business will survive the impact of the nationwide lock-down? *
How do you foresee business after the lock-down? *
Are you positive that our Government is making the correct decisions during the COVID-19 worldwide crisis? *
Do you support the levels of the lock-down the Government implemented? *
Would you support protests to end the lock-down?
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Would you risk exposing / contracting COVID to re-open the economy instead of the nationwide lock-down? *
Do you support the ban / restrictions on the following? *
Liquor sales
Cigarette sales
Freedom to exercise
Freedom of movement (certain hours of the day & Province bound)
Have you participated in any illegal activity during the national lock-down eg. obtaining illegal cigarettes? *
Have you experienced negative feelings, depression and/or anxiety during the lock-down? *
Are you living in and around the Magaliesburg area? (Hekpoort, Skeerpoort, Tarlton, Orient, Maanhaarrand, Koesterfontein) *
If NO, where do you conduct your business from?
Are you a member of the Magalies Business & Tourism forum? *
How can the MBTF support you during this difficult time? *
Any other comments you think is important to note? *
Thank you for taking the time to participate in the questionnaire.

We acknowledge that we are all impacted by the COVID-19 be it financially, emotionally or just because you miss your freedom and your loved ones.

Be Safe, Healthy and keep up your spirits.

Ps. Please be so kind as to forward this link: to fellow business owners to also complete the questionnaire.
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