NCFG Falconer Contact Information
Periodically, the NCFG receives requests for the contact information of North Carolina falconers. In the past, we have not provided this, since we haven't asked your permission to do so.

While these requests are mostly from pre-apprentices, we also receive inquiries from news organizations, out-of-state falconers, community groups, academic researchers, and many others.

If you submit the information requested below, it will be shared with these individuals ONLY upon request. It will NOT be posted to the website or any other public platform. You are also free to leave any questions blank. If you would later like to change or remove your listing at a later date, please email the NCFG secretary at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NCFG officers at or

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge of falconry with others! We know they appreciate it!
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Your City and/or County (and State if not in North Carolina)
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This could be a link to you website; notes about what birds you're flying or have flown; if you're willing to let others tag-along on hunts; additional raptor-related experience/skills you'd like to share (rehab, vet, working with eagles, etc.); or anything else falconry related. Feel free to also leave this blank if you'd prefer.
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