2017-2018 Student Organization Grant Allocation Fund Application
2017-2018 Bureau of Finance, Student Government Association, West Virginia University

Disclaimer: WVU SGA grants cannot be used for the following: gas, food per diem, alcohol, medications and vaccines, guest living arrangements or gas, and speaker fees. SGA grants CANNOT be used for reimbursements. If you are traveling, this grant cannot be used for rental cars, only WVU bus transportation. SGA grants CAN be used for registration fees, lodging, prepaid food, event catering, advertising, marketing, etc. The Bureau of Finance can only award one grant per fiscal year to a student organization.

Guidelines: Upon completion, the listed contact for your organization will receive an email from a Bureau of Finance member with a date to further discuss your grant. A representative from your student organization MUST be present at this meeting to be able to answer any questions the Bureau of Finance or SGA Student Assembly may have.

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