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Terms of service
Terms and conditions: (1) All digital assets/artwork(s) must be unique. (2) Any digital assets/artwork(s) sold as part of the marketplace will be at a 20% commission to ‘the curator’ (3) Digital assets must be submitted by the artist, curator and/or owner of the original artwork.(4) ‘the artist’ has agreed to supply assets/artwork(s) to ‘the curator’ as part of terms.(5) ‘the Artist’ will receive payment directly via smart contract with Ethereum (You must supply your Eth address) Buyer confirmation will be either a signed agreement and/or smart contract and will act as ‘proof of ownership’.(6) digital assets/artwork(s) will appear on marketplace website and will be available for sale as limited editions (7) All digital assets/artwork(s) will sold in Ethereum (a digital currency) and the price will be the correct USD exchange rate at time of 'minting' (8) Any digital assets/artwork(s) sold via the website will be at 20% commission to 'the curator' (9) By submitting digital assets/artwork(s)'the artist, curator and/or owner this will be deemed as authentication (10) artist, curator and/or owner will receive payment directly via smartcontract with Ethereum (You must supply your Eth address) (11) The artist, curator and/or owner must not re-sell the exact same digital assets on any other platform(s). (12) Any Ethereum address(s) supplied by artist, curator and/or owner will be used as part of the smartcontract and saved securely. (13) does not take the responsible for the recovery or safe guarding of any 3rd party Ethereum Address(s) or crypto wallet information.
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