RoboJackets 20th Anniversary Interest Form
Our event will be hosted on the Georgia Tech Atlanta campus. Most events will take place in the Student Center and the surrounding area.

March 30th:
Combat Robots Competition
Lego Sumo Competition
RoboCup Competition
RoboRacing Competition

March 31st:
RoboCup Competition

Combat Robots (Student Center Ballroom): 32 three-pound robots will fight in a double elimination bracket. This competition will use the NERC rule set.

RoboRacing (Campanile): This hobbyist level autonomous racing competition will have small scale RC cars retrofitted with cameras. The cars will try to race through a small obstacle course around the Campanile the fastest.

Lego Sumo (Student Center): In this competition, two robots start on either end of a white ring on a black surface and try to push the other robot out of the ring. We are hosting a simplified version of the annual Japanese autonomous sumo competition, which will be open to all ages. The robots will be made out of the Lego NXT components frequently used in FLL.

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