Ohio Five "Enhancing Inclusive Curricular Practices" Call for Participants
The Five Colleges of Ohio (College of Wooster, Denison University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, and Ohio Wesleyan University) are collaborating on two multi-campus meetings to learn more about best practices in advising and teaching diverse student populations and make recommendations about the application of these ideas on home campuses. Funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the two sessions will draw on site visits that deans of diversity and inclusion are now making to Amherst College, Davidson College, Grand Valley State University, Kalamazoo College and Williams College. We invite members of the academic community, including (but not limited to!) faculty members, academic advising staff, student affairs representatives, members of diversity offices, library and instructional technology staff, and deans and provost office staff, to indicate their interest in participating in these two events.

Please complete the pre-registration form below to let us know about your interest. We'll be back in touch in early April to provide more information.
May 23 Session - Campus Work Groups
We are seeking 4-5 campus representatives at each college to participate in a full-day workshop, held on your home campus, to receive findings from five site visits to colleges with exemplary teaching and advising programs focused on diverse student populations. The campus representatives will receive an advance briefing book, participate in a five-college Zoom session to hear findings, then will develop a draft set of recommendations for application of these practices on their home campuses. Work group participants will share their ideas at the August 6 session below. A stipend of $300 will be paid to each participant.
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August 6 Session - Multi-Campus Inclusive Curricular Practices Summit
We invite members of the Five College academic community to join together at a full-day workshop to learn more about the best practices findings of our site visits, hear the recommendations of campus work groups, and share ideas and advise about next steps to recommend for individual campuses and as a consortium. Speakers from the site visit campuses will also share the planning and results of their work in curricular planning and advising. We are seeking up to 100 participants for this full-day workshop; participants will receive a $200 stipend and mileage reimbursement.
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