In the Search for a Truly Multi-Faith Space
Dear Participant,

thank you for your interest in helping with our project “In The Search for a True Multi-Faith Space”!

Our project focuses on the relatively new, but already widespread phenomenon of the so called “Multi-Faith Spaces”, that is the public spaces (often in the context of institutions such as schools, hospitals and airports) where people of different beliefs may find a convenient place to contemplate, pray and reflect in silent and a warm environment during a busy day. Seeing the rising debates around this subject, and the growing importance of such spaces we decided to review scientific literature and found out that the only major research projects focused on the function and architecture of such spaces, rather than approaching its actual and potential users. That is why in our project we would like to get back to foundations, and start with the believers themselves.

This is where we need your help. We plan to construct a Multi-Faith Space in Malmö, but before we will do that we would like to know what you think about that. Your opinion is important to us!

The survey is completely anonymous and answers will be handled in full confidentiality.

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