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Red Bud Middle School Pre/Post 2016-2017
Please answer the questions below.
Grade Level
1. I am socially accepted at my school.
2. I am well known by at least one adult at my school that I trust and can talk to about a problem.
3. I would tell an adult I trusted if I knew a friend was suicidal.
4. I would tell an adult about a suicidal friend even if that friend asked me to keep it a secret.
5. If you are depressed, it is a good idea to keep these feelings to yourself.
6. I take time to be generous and help others.
7. If needed, I could get counseling help.
8. I feel strong spiritually.
9. I feel supported and cared for by my family.
10. I have positive caring friends.
11. I am involved in healthy activities, hobbies, etc.
12. In my opinion, a suicidal teen should be left alone if he/she doesn't want help.
13. It is important for me to be well known by an adult in this school.
Thank you! Have a great day!
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