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FROM: Grace Law
SUBJECT: ((YOUR NAME) wants to attend PyBay, Python Conference in SF


This is Grace, the founder of SF Python Meetup and PyBay, the annual SF Bay Area Python conference. I’m writing because I have some great news: ((YOUR NAME)) wants to attend the 4th annual PyBay!

PyBay’s the regional version of the always sold-out PyCon, the annual national Python conference.

750+ Bay Area Python devs. 55+ talks. 8 workshops. An expo with sponsoring companies. Networking events and much more.

No sales-y pitch-talks or fluffy thought leaders. Just core Python devs, book authors, and your amazing peers from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Netflix, Jetbrains, Braintree, Nerdwallet, and up-and-coming startups in various industries, sharing what they know.

I started PyBay 4 years ago in our own backyard so developers can learn from the best and save on travel costs. My hope is to improve the Python ecosystem in the SF Bay Area.

We hear “Learned a lot!”, “We changed our architecture, tools, and approaches as a result of attending PyBay!” quite often from attendees.

Now, ~29% of the speakers are flying in on their dime to speak to us!

Out of the area speakers includes notable names such as:
- Luciano Ramalho (Author of Orielly's Fluent Python and Technical Principal at Thoughtworks)
- Lukasz Langa (Creator of Black, Auto Formatter)
- David Lord (core maintainer of the Flask web application framework and related libraries)
- Emily Moorehouse (Co-founder at Cuttlesoft, Python core developer, and PyCon 2019 co-chair)
- Meredydd Luff (Co-founder of Anvil, technologies enabling full stack web development with nothing but Python)

You can find more info here:

Main conference (2 days) is currently $600 (Prices go up 7/25)
- includes breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and in-conf events for networking

Half-day pre-conference workshop is $150 each

The best and most knowledge-hungry Python engineers will all be in one place for 4 days upgrading their skills and network. We are sure ((YOUR NAME)) will walk away with a ton of valuable information on open-source tools and actionable insights that s/he can apply into ((YOUR COMPANY))’s projects immediately.

So what do you think? Give ((YOUR NAME)) the great news that he can go to PyBay2019? Better yet, come along yourself and bring your team! (Write me if you need a volume discount!)

Thanks so much,

Grace Law
PyBay Founder and Conference Chair
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