Apprenticeship Grant for Employers of 16 to 24 year olds (AGE 16 to 24)

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions on which The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) acting through the Skills Funding Agency (the SFA) on behalf of the Crown will provide the Apprenticeship Age Grant for Employers (AGE 16 to 24) to the Employer.

The document should be read together with the current AGE Employer Fact Sheet which also forms part to the Terms and Conditions.

The Age Grant will be administered and paid on behalf of the SFA by the training provider delivering the training to the Apprentice in respect of whom AGE 16 to 24 is paid (the Training Provider).

Employers who do not meet these Terms and Conditions will not be entitled to receive AGE 16 to 24.
AGE 16 to 24 will support young people aged 16 to 24, to secure an apprenticeship job opportunity. It aims to assist employers new to apprenticeships and those employers who had not been in a financial position within the last 12 months to commit to starting an apprentice, to recruit a new apprentice aged 16 to 24.

AGE 16 to 24 is available in relation to apprentices on approved apprenticeship frameworks. Apprentices working to new apprenticeship standards do not attract AGE 16 to 24. .

Employers with fewer than 50 employees (1) can apply for the AGE 16 to 24. Employers are only eligible to receive AGE 16 to 24 if they would not currently be able to recruit an apprentice without this additional support.

The Training Provider will receive an allocation for AGE 16 to 24 and Employer’s will receive AGE 16 to 24 on a first come first served basis. Once the Training Provider has used up its allocation the AGE 16 to 24 will not be available.

The Employer must check and confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria set out in this document and retain evidence of their claim.

The Training Provider is responsible for checking the Employer’s eligibility, and submitting the relevant data to the SFA. The SFA will make a payment of AGE 16 to 24 to the Training Provider based on data submitted.

Each individual AGE 16 to 24 is £1500. Employers will become eligible to receive AGE 16 to 24 once the Apprentice has completed 13 weeks ‘in learning’ (as recorded in the Individual Learning Record submitted by the training organisation) and in employment. It may take up to nine weeks for the payment to be processed and paid to the Training Provider following the 13 week period, on receipt of the funds the Training Provider is required to transfer the funds to the Employer within 30 days of receiving it from the SFA.

The Employer must return the attached declaration to the Training Provider in order that the Training Provider can claim the AGE 16 to 24.

NB: In some areas AGE 16 to 24 is managed by the Local Enterprise Partnerships and eligibility criteria may be different from those applied by the SFA. This is currently the case for Greater Manchester and Sheffield City Region (from 1 April 2015) and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (from 1 August 2015). Links to the relevant information for these areas is available on

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