Visual Art Referral
Please provide at least 3 visual art work samples or copies of work samples for additional pieces of evidence.
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Visual Art Checklist *
Rarely or Not Observed
May be asked by others to do art work
Understands and comments on color, shapes, and structure of things
Enjoys and appreciates or may be critical of own art work and work of others
Takes pride in doing things well
Uses art to express feelings and experiences
Consistently does outstanding art work
Has ability to solve problems that occur during the use of various materials
Enjoys discussing a variety of art
Masters basic art skills quickly and easily
Shows feeling and expressiveness in artwork
Concentrates on art projects for long periods
Enjoys tasks which involve seeing, visualizing, or manipulating lines and objects
Demonstrates elaboration in art work
Willing to experiment and try new combinations of art media
Enjoys open-ended art activities
Has an appreciation of the beauty and value of fine art and functional or applied art
Does this child have any special considerations that may mask his/her GT abilities? (Check all that apply)
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