VDBF Spare Paddler Registration
Please complete this form is you wish to be part of our "Volunteer Paddler Pool". By completing this form, you are making yourself available to paddle with a team registered for the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival that is looking for additional paddlers.

Please be aware that you can only participate with a team that is not in your division (for example, if you are part of a Women's team, you may only be added to the roster of a Mixed team, and vice versa).

You will be expected to be available to paddle throughout the weekend and will be contacted on the afternoon or evening of Friday August 9 if your services are required. If your availability changes please contact race@victoriadragonboat.com.

We will ask your permission below to release your contact information to Team Captains and/or Managers, who will contact you directly.
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What team are you part of for the Victoria Festival? Please enter "N/A" if you are not on a team registered for VDBF.
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Self Assessment of Paddling Ability
Please indicate your self-assessment of your paddling ability below.
This information will be used to place you in an appropriate crew.
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Release of Information
By selecting the check box below, you give permission for the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival and Fairway Gorge Paddling Club to share your contact information ONLY with team captains and/or managers of crews looking for paddlers. We will not share for any other purposes.
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